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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emigrating to 1/12th Scale

Many of us have family or friendship ties to other countries......and some more of my little people have emigrated to Australia.....

A blog or two ago I featured super pictures from Hazel who was creating her miniature 'family' in a truly stunning house and I was thrilled to see how at home my characters looked. Now she is stepping back in time to the mid 19th Century and her latest characters have arrived in their new home. Technically the combined Post Offices of U.K. and Australia made this possible but in real life this lady and gentleman sailed on " Branken Moor" in 1849 to begin their new life.
She went on to manage a rather smart tea shop and he ran the general store.

Hazel's photo (thank you Hazel) pictures them outside the second storey of her lovely house, but I do believe they're destined to have their own establishments one day. The second photo shows them before they set off on their great adventure - amazing to think of the courage of this generation and just what they achieved!

Meanwhile - elsewhere in sunny Australia, Susan is settling in Hilda Grace and James George, a cheery, comfortable couple if ever I saw one - again photographed before they left these shores..... I'm told they're doing just fine!

I've been busy this week working on some fun 1/24th characters and another spot of miniature gardening - and our first workshop is only a week away so I've been checking I've bought the coffee as well as enough paint! If you'd like to see what Celia (KT Miniatures) and I have been up to in Nostaglia in Miniature Workshops click here and catch up with our joint blog.

Thanks for looking.

P.S. June 19th. Susan has put up a lovely post on her blog -minicrochetmad - with the real life history of Hilda and James and great pictures of them in their new Australian home. Many Thanks Susan.


Susan said...

It's lovely catching up with the doings of 'family' members late of the Coombe Clan!
Apologies for Hilda Grace and James Georges tardiness in sending news of themsleves, RL has caught up with their manager somewhat but pics of their doings in their new life will show up asap. Meanwhile, they are much loved by all who meet them!

Robin said...

Thank you Susan - I'm glad they've settled in so well. RL can be such a bind sometimes....I think that's what makes miniatures so attractive.
Take care.