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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morris Men ....and a Bit of Gardening....

In my last blog I mentioned that I'd been working on some fun 1/24th characters...and a bit more miniature gardening....

We think it must have been around 10 years ago that a lovely lady asked if I could make her a couple of 1/24th Morris Dancers to go on the Village Green outside her 1/24th cottages......
I said 'yes' because she's a lovely lady and customer - coming from Oxfordshire I love Morris dancing and the whole tradition anyway - and it was a bit of a different challenge!

The original old boys have been dancing for a good few years now so recently she asked me to create another couple of team members and here they are - now dancing their way around the West Country! Since the first ones - my little Morris men have moved to all parts of U.K. and the Commonwealth wearing a variety of different waistcoats and trims and have also put on a bit of weight and increased to 1/12th scale as well.

In the last few weeks, in between making new dolls, I've managed to get some more miniature gardening projects completed. I've planted some lavender, made some more varieties of the garden succulents that we call houseleeks in these parts, to plant on rockery stones and chased a cockerel down to the bottom of the little garden path.
These will all be at the workshop this Sunday.

Lovely lavender in 1/12th and 1/24th scale 'planted' in terracotta pots.

These are Cobweb Houseleeks (Sempervivum arachnoideum)...there's a clue in the Latin here... they're also known as Spider Houseleeks. I do have fun looking for the pebbles - this one has a pool of 'water' too.

This garden arrangement is in 1/12th scale as well - the feathered cockerel has found a spot at the bottom of this rather overgrown garden. I loved making this one!

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