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Sunday, November 28, 2010

1/12th Comfy Granny

First things first....I have a new posh pink laptop....but 'bits' are still being sorted.....

Obviously I can't sort I rely on someone else. As I post this, I appear to have 'lost ' my photoshop facility, upon which I depend, to chop off bits of rubbish pictures etc.
However I did promise I'd post a picture of my latest 1/12th character, who is a nice cheery comfortable Granny or Nana, depending which part of the country you live in....
So here she is, waiting to get posted off to her new home ' abroad' - very scary for a rather retiring lady!

There's rather too much background - and not enough Granny - but you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

She's a Sensible Lady.........

I've just completed this sensible lady......I wonder who she'll be?

Do you ever wonder who your latest creation/commission is going to be?
This 1/12th scale character is now in the post on the way to her new home - and I wonder, with her smart suit, plain jumper, discreet brooch and sensible shoes, whether she's destined to be a member of the WI or a Magistrate in a small town, or perhaps just in her best outfit for a trip to the shops??
I love the creative process, that's why I make miniatures; then I hand them on for someone else to create their own story.

It would have been better to take time, and not stick her on the sofa quickly, with a sheet of A4 behind her, to take this pic.......but the reason for posting is mostly to welcome new followers, and thank them for their interest in this blog.

So a warm welcome to Nuria
and Beatrice
and Sylvia
and Julie - who many of you know as Cottage Kitty

The next 1/12th lady on the work-bench is an altogether more comfy lady - everyone's Gran - I promise to take a better picture, when I show her to you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

1/48th Illustrated List .....working, I hope

Well I've consulted........and some tweaking has taken place, so I'm hoping that the link for the 1/48th list is now working.

My fingers are crossed - so I'd be hugely grateful if some kind person could click on it and see?

Thanks - Robin

1/48th Scale Price List Update...and go to a fair

For anyone who has been interested enough to keep up with our sortie into 1/48th scale miniatures.... thank you.

I've updated the 1/48th scale illustrated price list, with a few more items and pictures - you'll find it in the right hand column.....over there......>>>>>>

It occurs to me that there are many folks who attend regional fairs as well as the BIG ones; not behind a conventional sales stand, but one raising funds for many worthwhile charities. Miniaturists are a generous bunch, I've found, so can I plug a fair in Devon on Sunday 21st November, at the Moorhayes Community Centre, Tiverton?
I'm sure it will be a super fair anyway, but all the proceeds from the Refreshments and Raffle will be in aid of the Devon Air Ambulance Trust........a worthy cause! Although it's not a fair we shall be attending, my fingers crossed for everyone!! If you're in the area, I'm sure you'll have a warm welcome.

Monday, November 8, 2010 for gardening

I'd promised myself a period of 'recovery' and 'time off for good behaviour' in the garden this week - after a fair yesterday and the flat-out period in the weeks before.

WELL - it's chucking it gardening then, the bulbs will have to wait .....I shall have to clear up instead!
Outside the back door is a lovely autumn setting - trees and shrubs in my own garden (the one at the front is a Cotinus or Smoke Bush, for those like me who like the proper name) - and the ones at the back 'borrowed' from next door and the park a street away. MAGIC!!.

The pretty blue and white flower is another from my conservatory - Streptocarpus, Crystal Ice - as a thank-you to the ladies who came specially to the fair yesterday to see the new 1/48th dolls and furniture . Stocks dented - and lovely to meet them and get some feedback, which is always helpful and encouraging.

This well-established fair is always very well organised and advertised and fairly busy.
Less traders than previous years though....less artisans i.e. makers who actually make quality miniatures....more 'commericial' items on sale ........... less sales for artisans and more serious conversations about 'the future'... .and some disappointed visitors who said they'd expected more. Yes I KNOW there's room for every quality and price range - I also truly believe that - but .......
Each day it seems, I hear of another talented colleague who has decided, at the very least, to finish attending fairs, and the likelihood is that we shall only attend around three next year ourselves. Worrying.

Hey ho - if it stops raining I can get my bulbs in and get muddy, finish some orders and not panic so much about 'stock'. Not so bad.

What some lovely comments on my last blog - thanks to you all. I'm really chuffed that you liked the 1/24 painted furniture, so here's the other lot......and yes, we do 1/12th as well Sandra, and I'll shout when we have more than the one solitary chest looking lonely in the stock box!

p.s. If you haven't...Sandra's dolls' look!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Furniture Having 3 scales

I hesitate to say this, because it's probably heresy as I don't have a dolls house (although I promise I DO have lots of miniature treasures)........but I do like the furniture in them to do more than just stand there............

'Exquisite', 'quirky', 'statement' pieces ...they all 'do' something by being special! But I also like the ones that you can fiddle about with, load up with 'bits', experiment with or re-imagine!
My other half is the one who actually makes our furniture - I'm the one who fiddles about with some of it from time to time, when I take time-off from doll making.

A blog or two ago I was moaning that I needed to increase our stock of 1/24th dolls, especially with a fair coming up this Sunday (7th) at The Plinston Hall, Letchworth, Herts. Well I did manage it and these are the latest - the vicar is spoken for, but the others are all for sale, as are a few more in 1/48th scale.

So - time for a little painting - I love painting! These are all simple pieces in 1/24th scale - doors and drawers don't open - but great fun!

Furniture in this demanding 1/48th scale, keeps emerging from the workshop. The promised shop counter has arrived, and a super veg/fruit display bin - both of which go beautifully with the shop shelves/dresser I showed you earlier. It seemed reasonable to fill one of the bins with cabbages, spuds and carrots......fear not food makers, I won't be going into production!
On the basis that the shop might be of the 'Open All Hours' variety, brooms and buckets for sale are crammed into an old tea-chest.
Another tea chest does a turn as a packing case full of china and 'removal' items. We have empty ones too!

Having sold the earlier 'vintage' trunks, another mini-batch has been crafted and I've enjoyed the challenge of turning one into an old sailor's chest
I'm not sure how well this photo works, but there is a sea-chart, spyglass and ship's log in the lid, and his hat, uniform, treasures from travels and a shawl for his lady are inside.

Finally, the much loved 1/12th scale. I've taken this Edwardian Revolving Bookcase out of stock, together with a Macintosh chair, to show off some of my collection of exquisite dummy books made by my friend Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures. She has a lovely, unique selection of vintage books, and wartime paper memorabilia like ration books, which are also used in her fabulous settings and smaller pieces. They're beautifully proportioned, crafted and aged and these are really special to me because she borrowed some of our real old books to miniaturise, so 'our' books sit on 'Aunty Lola's bookcase', alongside the real one in our sitting room!! Nice - very nice!

If you'd like more details, or prices for any of the items on this blog - please do email me and I'll be happy to help..... and have a look at Celia's books too.

Thanks for looking - Robin