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Monday, November 8, 2010 for gardening

I'd promised myself a period of 'recovery' and 'time off for good behaviour' in the garden this week - after a fair yesterday and the flat-out period in the weeks before.

WELL - it's chucking it gardening then, the bulbs will have to wait .....I shall have to clear up instead!
Outside the back door is a lovely autumn setting - trees and shrubs in my own garden (the one at the front is a Cotinus or Smoke Bush, for those like me who like the proper name) - and the ones at the back 'borrowed' from next door and the park a street away. MAGIC!!.

The pretty blue and white flower is another from my conservatory - Streptocarpus, Crystal Ice - as a thank-you to the ladies who came specially to the fair yesterday to see the new 1/48th dolls and furniture . Stocks dented - and lovely to meet them and get some feedback, which is always helpful and encouraging.

This well-established fair is always very well organised and advertised and fairly busy.
Less traders than previous years though....less artisans i.e. makers who actually make quality miniatures....more 'commericial' items on sale ........... less sales for artisans and more serious conversations about 'the future'... .and some disappointed visitors who said they'd expected more. Yes I KNOW there's room for every quality and price range - I also truly believe that - but .......
Each day it seems, I hear of another talented colleague who has decided, at the very least, to finish attending fairs, and the likelihood is that we shall only attend around three next year ourselves. Worrying.

Hey ho - if it stops raining I can get my bulbs in and get muddy, finish some orders and not panic so much about 'stock'. Not so bad.

What some lovely comments on my last blog - thanks to you all. I'm really chuffed that you liked the 1/24 painted furniture, so here's the other lot......and yes, we do 1/12th as well Sandra, and I'll shout when we have more than the one solitary chest looking lonely in the stock box!

p.s. If you haven't...Sandra's dolls' look!


KT Miniatures said...

Shame about the fair yesterday Robin....sadly is sign of times methinks! Fairs just don't seem to be well attended at the moment.

But at least there is Thame Fair next February to look forward to! Celia

Ascension said...

Me encanta como han quedado esos mueblecitos, estan preciosos.
Se ven tan primaverales.
besitos ascension

Sandra Morris said...

Ooohhhh...can't wait to hear about the 1/12th furniture.

As to the fair....well I suppose we win some and we lose some. Here's hoping that Thame will break all records for artisan sales!

Robin said...

I'll let you know.....when I let my 'cabinet maker' out of the shed!

One of the nicest things about fairs - that can't be had 'online' - is the opportunity to meet and make friends on both sides of the stands. I really think the 'miniature community' is very special, and as usual we enjoyed that at this fair.
Yep - I'm sure Thame will be super!