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Saturday, November 13, 2010

1/48th Scale Price List Update...and go to a fair

For anyone who has been interested enough to keep up with our sortie into 1/48th scale miniatures.... thank you.

I've updated the 1/48th scale illustrated price list, with a few more items and pictures - you'll find it in the right hand column.....over there......>>>>>>

It occurs to me that there are many folks who attend regional fairs as well as the BIG ones; not behind a conventional sales stand, but one raising funds for many worthwhile charities. Miniaturists are a generous bunch, I've found, so can I plug a fair in Devon on Sunday 21st November, at the Moorhayes Community Centre, Tiverton?
I'm sure it will be a super fair anyway, but all the proceeds from the Refreshments and Raffle will be in aid of the Devon Air Ambulance Trust........a worthy cause! Although it's not a fair we shall be attending, my fingers crossed for everyone!! If you're in the area, I'm sure you'll have a warm welcome.


Christine said...

Hi Robin, I got the 'We're sorry, but we were unable to locate the page you requested.' message when I clicked your link.

Robin said...

Ooo er! Thanks for letting me know Christine. I shall have to consult...this techno-stuff is beyond me...hope to sort it soon.