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Monday, July 2, 2018

I Do Love Car Boot Sales

Apart from good weather, lots of time spent in my garden and the opportunity to have some lovely summertime walks in our countryside - car boot sales are top of my list.  Fortunately I have a friend who loves them just as much and we have a really good one that attracts great stalls, very close to our town so we can wander off for a happy couple of hours at the weekend.
We have similar tastes....miniatures, art deco, quirky, would be fair to say that our nearest and dearest don't necessarily love what we purchase, but we're good at haggling and rarely spent very much.

Up first - a totally over the top - damaged (lots of ancient glue) vase. I love it - my nearest and dearest think it's hideous. O.K. - I can live with that! It's 'quirky'. And I've found a really super place for it....

A week or two back I bought this rather nice lustre jug which did meet with approval.

A stunning ceramic brooch - I so wish I knew who the maker was! I know brooches are out of favour but I do love them.

......and this mad necklace - broken - which we all agreed had 'possibilities'.  Various attempts to mend it failed so it was back to plan 'A' and use it for something entirely different. An old dilapidated frame with tatty velvet background seems to work so now it's about to hang on our picture wall.

If by any remote chance you have wondered how the toy cupboard is progressing.....I tried the 'picture book' style animals - hated them - painted them out.....onward and upward. I'm going for folklore/fairy tales instead - I'll let you know.

A few garden pictures - there are lots more so I will do another blog  very soon - hopefully that will please Donna!! The first two are from our veggie plot - the blazing sun is almost cooking the strawberries, which isn't great. Lots of gardening the last week or two - not through the heat of the day - and some lovely visits and visitors.

The Viechenblau rose is a favourite - taking over the garden - and climbing high  into the cedar tree.

Thank you for looking


Elizabeth S said...

Oh Robin, you are a woman after mine own heart!!!
I LOVE your "hideous" vase, and it fits in so well on your display shelf too! ❤︎ I also love the lustreware vase and the broken jewelry and I think that your making it into an art objet was an Ideal solution! :D
Your garden looks lovely especially at this time of year when so many of the plants are out of bloom due to the heat. The roses in particular are making a Spectacular showing especially as it climbs the tree.
One of my roses does that too but after it reaches a certain height, it projects forward out over the patio which is not as pretty as when it is up against the evergreens.

Robin said...

To be fair to other half has survived my artistic eccentricities for a LONG time now and is pretty indulgent!

The garden is looking somewhat sad now, just a few days since the pics were taken, and all flowers come out and over in this incredible heat, practically overnight.

KT Miniatures said...

Whey lovely to see that old vase again! It is so over the top and wacky, it just makes me smile. Haha...I think the chap who sold it to you, would have literally given it to you for free if you had dithered any seemed like he just wanted to get rid of it. Love what you did with that gorgeous necklace. Well the sun looks like it is going to continue to shine for the next car boot at the weekend - same time, same place then:) Celia