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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blue Skies...what to do next?

It stopped raining at last - the snow missed us again - and we managed to get outside to do some very necessary and thoroughly satisfying pruning.  Underfoot it's pretty soggy, but it does look as if Spring might be here to stay.

Our lovely Almond tree is reaching for a blue sky and in my 'wild patch' under the fruit trees Spring has properly sprung with anenome, primrose and fritillaries, with cowslip and bluebells to come before the summer rush of colour.

Elsewhere the Jerusalem Cowslip (Lungwort) is a pretty picture with pale blue flowers that will turn a gentle pink in the coming days.

The Ipheon struggles a little as the bulbs are probably over-crowded now, but still puts on a dainty show. Elsewhere, in the borders bluebells are in bud, fighting everything else and will look wonderful - the celandines too with their shiny yellow faces. 
I've spent many years trying to restrain the bluebells and celandines as they are very beautiful thugs which take over. They do disappear back underground in due course so finally I've mostly given up.  I'm told that centuries ago this was a wooded area so I suppose they were here first!

I've been given a super hand-thrown terracotta pot for my type-setting shelves as I'm filling my newest at the moment.
I must more wall space! Shoebutton Bears -  a delightful miniaturist - were in Thame at a Makers and Artisan Fair today so I purchased a cute little Koala who may go there too. I'll show you both next time.

So now I'm in a miniature quandry regarding another project.....lots of 1/12th scale tiny toys that need a permanent home and/or children to play with them and a vintage barrel organ that has been looking for someone to turn the handle for several mojo isn't working at the moment.

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Wee Cute Treasures said...

I am sighing with envy. We are still soggy underfoot here in Ireland and like you have endured the snow, damp and cold. But my spring flowers are very behind and there is no blue sky in sight. Thank you for sharing yours because at least I can admire them. Carol

Elizabeth S said...

I love the name "cowslips" which sounds romantic for a flower. As for the bluebells, I agree with you that they are Beautiful Garden Thugs, and I too, have given up on trying to control them. Actually I love them when they come into bloom each spring. The bells are such a pretty color, and I always think about the movie "Howard's End" when I see them, but it is all of those "flousy-looking" leaves after the flowers have gone that drive me crazy!
Even so- Welcome Spring!

Robin said...

I spoke too soon again Carol - it's rained ever since I took the photos - Ah well, I suppose Spring WILL come.
So we all love bluebells, the colour is just gorgeous isn't it....until it gets to those infernal leaves that seem to stay around for ever.

I'll take a pic. of the cowslips when they're out Elizabeth - do you not have them? I know we all share some wild flowers - it would be interesting to see those special to you that perhaps we don't have in U.K.