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Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Bit More Of The Same....

This is a bit of a catch-up blog - catching up with the spring 'wild meadow' under my fruit trees, and finally filling my very last type-setting tray - the little terracotta pot the inspiration to do that. As promised a picture of the delightful little Koala Bear I purchased a week or two ago.

Isn't he just gorgeous!! My little Koala by the brilliant Shoebutton Bears is a happy addition to my small collection of their delightful animals. I especially love the quirky characters and the perfect detail.

My chum Celia aka KT Miniatures gave me this super hand-thrown terracotta pot - sorry I don't know the maker, but it looks perfect on my shelves and spurred me on to fill up the last one.  I'm sure she'll spot a few items that came from her....

This poor old case languished in the shed for several years, and then took a couple more to refurbish, and yet another to actually hang up and start to fill. Not everything on here 'special' so I can replace individual items when I find a piece that is. I had to wobble about on a bed to get this shot of it, so apologies for less than perfect pictures.....

There's the pot at the bottom - alongside one of our 1/48th scale Coombe Crafts rocking horses  - and a 'Celia' stripey vintage glass vase.

There are lots of special items on this Victorian china  doll, an old photo of my Mum as a young woman, nappy pins from my 'boys' (practically antique now!), a tiny broken carved wooden angel, vintage brooch, a lovely pair of wired vintage dolls - poor little girl hasn't photographed well - and she's lost her feet.  I had to rescue them for 50p.

Last one. More broken angels, a wonderful doll by my chum Sandra Morris aka Tower House Dolls, wonderful antique lustre glass teaset (yep that's Celia again), ancient (maybe 100 years old) Indian match boxes given to me by an Uncle and a younger couple to remind me of special holidays a long time ago. The bagpipes are another of my efforts and the 1/24th rocking horse is ours too.  Other items remind me of special artisan friends and colleagues. This is my last case  - no more wall space!!

My wild 'meadow' is so tiny it's a bit of a joke really, but we love it and it does show that even the tiniest scrap of grass can be encouraged to go wild! It's about seven years old now and gets better every year providing we cut back and mow it off in September after seeds have dropped, to reduce the vigour of the grass.

This cowslip is for Illona - they are seeding happily just like the primroses.

I think this is an oxlip - a natural cross between a cowslip and primrose, and the first time we've seen it.  Lovely!
Oh this is my gorgeous double isn't fertile so I am safe to plant it in the wild garden, as I wouldn't want it to cross with  the wild plants....but I love it.  No cuckoo pint flowers so far this year, I hope they haven't disappeared for ever.

Elsewhere.....Imperial Fritillary which I've waited FOR EVER to flower, and fabulous Japonica, a lovely double version.

Thank you for looking


Wee Cute Treasures said...

I love your display box filled with treasures. What a great way to show off special items. And your garden is beautiful. I have a 'wild garden' at the back of my garden but it is more little trees and shrubs with just some bluebells and violets etc. But the birds LOVE it and it is a source of constant joy. Am envious of your cowslips! My 'woodland' is too shaded. Thanks for sharing. Carol :)

Ilona said...

Robin, your koala is gorgeous indeed, he looks so cute :). I like the pattern at the edge of the pot is wonderful, such a pot seems to ask for a nice plant.
In the meantime you have to be very flexible, after doing all that gymnastics on your bed and stairs, Robin, and that all to get pictures of the trays ;). But I love to see them, filled in with memories or beautiful treasures in mini.
Your 'wild meadow' is a feast for the eyes, Robin, especially my 'flowery' eyes ;). Thank you for sharing the cowslip, this specie is just wonderful, maybe it will ever be in mini ;)? The oxlip is unknown for me, it's gorgeous too.
The Fritillary Imperialis is worth the waiting, it's a very special plant and I've read that the moles do dislike them much, so your meadow will be safe??
Enjoy the flowering of your (wild meadow) garden, Robin, especially with this lovely weather. Yesterday we've had 30 oC, too much of the warmth at once, my hayfever is objecting ;).
Hugs, Ilona

KT Miniatures said...

Has been nice to see some "old friends" again on your little shelf. You have one magnificent collection there!! Your garden is looking gorgeous too matey:) Celia

Robin said...

I know the little pot is just asking for a plant....maybe one day, in the meantime the cases work as a very attractive 'holding bay'.

The only person I know talented enough to create a miniature cowslip is you Illona.....we don't have moles in this garden so maybe they know the fritillaries are here.
Perhaps you could try one or two cowslips just at the edge of the wild patch where there's a little more light Carol?
Thanks for all your lovely comments.

Donna S said...

You are lucky with your weather in England, we in Canada are just beginning to get warmth and sun and now they say it will go down to 3degrees celsius and we might get snow! Oh it never stops.So discouraging.

I love looking at photos of both your minis and your garden. Beautiful!