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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

No More Snow!

Today is a bright sunny one, such a nice herald of spring after the snow of last week.  To be fair, here in Thame (Oxfordshire) we got away very lightly compared to other parts of the country, and were inconvenienced rather than anything else - and it was beautiful!
I was obliged to do the ironing and other such necessary but boring indoor jobs.....

First, as promised, out came the camera so that I could show you the fabulous Orchid by Jan Southerton - The Flower Lady - I purchased at The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair.

The bright blue sky lit up the shelf of bits and pieces and plants, of course, in the conservatory, including the dainty flowers of this begonia.

Just before it snowed I brought in some forsythia buds and catkins which cheered us up as the bright yellow flowers burst open and the catkins spread their yellow pollen over everything.

Outside the snow held back the Iris Reticulata in pans just outside the door.  I love these mini iris and think they look wonderful with the bright pink cyclamen.

Now we have a great show as they continue to come out and it's great to see the cyclamen are seeding like mad and making tiny corms  - soon the pans will be a mass of these special little flowers.  I have the more common white and pale pink all over the garden itself but they look best naturalised in the grass under the fruit trees.

The tiny round corms are on the right of the picture

I'm quite pleased with my 'pig pan'- I wasn't sure if it would look O.K. or if they would stand a frost outside. The super stoneware pigs have been with me for  many years and sadly I can no longer remember who crafted them.  All four grandchildren have loved them as they sat on the windowsill indoors and consequently they have lost an ear or two, and the odd foot. Alongside this chunk of flint rock they now look right at home I think.

We couldn't resist this striking primose in the market - I shall have to plant it outside soon - well away from the natives!
There are masses of helebores out, but it's a little soggy  at the moment - when it dries up a little I'll pick some to bring in.

Thanks for looking


Elizabeth S said...

All of your R L plants as well as your mini orchid evoke a feeling of Optimism when I see them, especially the Iris Reticulata poking up through the snow! :))

Ilona said...

Hi Robin! I always love to see your flower treasures, who are in your conservatory and outdoors. You have such lovely, extraordinary species of plants/flowers, every time there's something new to see for me :)! Enjoy your treasures and the sun in the blue sky. Thank you for sharing!
Warm hugs, Ilona

jenann said...

How wonderful to see both the real and mini flowers. We are a little behind you in the turn of the seasons and it is always a joy to see your flowers coming along first.
Happy Spring!
Jenni xx

Robin said...

So happy you are all enjoying the 'flowery' blogs - hope your own plants are doing just as well.