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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Autumn Inspires a New Miniature Houseplant

It has certainly been chilly the last couple of weeks and damp and misty, but autumn has given us some spectacular sunsets, bright frosty mornings and wonderful autumn colour in our gardens and countryside. I've been working on my little greenhouse, and it's also given me  fabulous miniature plants.

Although we live in a fairly built-up area we are still able to appreciate some lovely sunsets, and some bright frosty mornings when the sky sparkles with tracer trails from aeroplanes.

While I know we can't compete with the glory of the N.American fall, our trees, hedgerows and garden shrubs give us enormous pleasure at this time of year.

Just outside our back door we have a Cotinus bush that gives us pleasure all year long, from the early purple foliage, through smokey flowers, to chocolate-coloured leaves and amazing auumn colour as the leaves change and fall.
I spent days looking at the gorgeous changes as the leaves coloured, then had a light-bulb moment!!!

As you know I'm quietly plant-making for my mini greenhouse, and I am so enjoying myself - proper playtime!!
It dawned on me that the Cotinus leaves resembled any number of exotic house plants....I was out there collecting leaves!!!  Scanned, reduced in scale, I had miniature exotic houseplants!

I've used real leaves in this way many times before and have always been pleased with the result...if you haven't tried, have a go.

Thanks for looking


Ilona said...

Hi Robin! Nice to read that you're enjoying autumn in all its facets, for me this time of the year also has its own beauty ;). I see you took your benefit of the autumnal beauty and that you've turned the Cotinus into a true miniature treasure, the plant looks wonderful!
Enjoy making your mini plants and greenhouse and don't forget to enjoy of those beautiful moments in fall outdoors.
Hugs, Ilona

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin! I love your new Cotinus plant and the way you have made it is a Great Idea! Nature often repeats itself in all kinds of different scales and now it has again in your miniature! :D

Robin said...

Hi Elizabeth and Illona - I'm really pleased you like my miniature plant and think it works well - I have to admit I'm just loving creating the plants for the little greenhouse.
Although it is soggy outside I still love every changing season in the garden and our countryside.
Loving both your recent blogs!!