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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Old Barn - Finished and Ready to Frame

If you saw the last blog you'll know that I've been working on a 3D 1/24th scale (more or less) picture of an old barn in the town that has since been demolished and replaced by a group of new houses. Anyway my affectionate representation means that in my house, at least, it won't be forgotten.

Using simple brown card and mountboard the barn was built up - now it's time to get landscaping.  You wouldn't expect such a utilitarian building to warrant landscaping, but the land behind and to the sides was a haven for buddleia and elder as well as sycamore sapplings, and the debris at the side of the road as walls collapsed encouraged wild flower growth.

I wish I had the patience to cut hundreds and hundreds of 1/24th scale leaves for the trees - but I don't, so hope you think this ubiquitous 'moss' works as folliage.

Nothing very fancy has been used for the planting - a bit of paper, some dyed hemp and a little preserved natural plant material and of course a paint brush.....  Probably too small to see, but there are tiny butterflies up on the blossoms.

This may not be the final framing - and of course the glazing isn't in place, to enable better photos to be taken - but really that's it!  I'm hoping to learn a little more about the history of the barn, so near the centre of town.  I know it was an agricultural store and maybe a creamery once in its life. Perhaps it was originally part of a farm before the town grew up.

Thank you for looking


Elizabeth S said...

This is such a Unique building Robin and I am glad to see that you have taken on the task of preserving the memory of it, albeit in miniature. The foliage growing around and through it really gives this project a New Life and looks entirely Believable. Great Work!!! :D

PILAR6373 said...

Me encanta el aspecto del viejo granero,es perfecto y único!! No te preocupes,el follaje se ve genial,creciendo la maleza entre las rocas,es muy realista!!

KT Miniatures said...

I knew the old building well here in Thame (which is no more) and have been privileged to have seen Robin's creation in the flesh too. Robin's recreation is stunning and quite remarkable. As ever, your attention to detail is superb. Well done matey...yet another masterpiece! Celiax

Robin said...

What lovely remarks to see when I logged in this morning - thank you all so much.
Now that I have the time to indulge myself and create minis just for me, it's an absolute pleasure - all the more special that you and other wonderfully creative folk are enjoying seeing my work. Thank you.

Celia lives up the road so is my 'go to' when I'm having doubts about a project...she and my lovely husband kind of give me permission to play when probably I should be hoovering. Lol

Steinworks said...

what a great barn, I love the details :)

Robin said...

So glad you like it - in any project I always think the details (however tiny) are what bring it to life.

ISABELLE said...

Ce cadre est une très bonne idée ,c'est génial!!!