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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Skipping the Scales and the Centuries

I thought as the weather is distinctly soggy and the darker evenings don't exactly lift the spirits, that before I get back to showing the new characters, I'd kick off with a photo of some of the last roses, to cheer ourselves up.
The last of the 'Blue For You' roses
I don't often get the chance to make a 1/12th mechanic, previous ones have mostly been in 1/24th scale, so it's been fun to create this cheery chappie - with that wrench in his hands he must have a big job to work on.  Click on the pics. for bigger versions!

Whizzing back through the centuries to a 1/24th scale Tudor Merchant and his wife - if not rich, they do look fairly prosperous so I think they must be doing alright.  This has always been a popular period for Dolls Houses and there are some wonderful examples by artisans like Trigger Pond, whose work I adore. As a dollmaker it's also an great opportunity to indulge in some very different costuming, which I love.

I had a dig in the 'archives' and came up with this tudor group in the same scale - the main characters are wealthy, then we have a monk and a falconer.  The second picture is a 1/12th falconer and I remember being determined to get the falcon just right with authentic detail, especially important in that scale.

For those of you coming to Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition on 14th November - I'm sure you'll be happy to know that Dateman Books, Penny's Furniture and Shepherd Miniatures are also attending - as well as KT Miniatures of course, us, and individual and club sales tables.
If you come along please do come and say hello on the Coombe Crafts or Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop stands.
The organisers are hoping to arrange refreshments at the hall, but there is a local coffee shop nearby - and a lovely garden centre just up the road -  more up to date details on Ron and Felicity's Blog so keep an eye on it!

And finally - my lawn has a fantastic crop of big toadstools, which I find fascinating.  Sadly it's mostly an indication that it's badly drained - I don't mind.  Something clearly loves eating them, but I've yet to discover what. Some of the others in a different part have huge chunks chewed away. We'd rather have an interesting patch than a manicured sward and even had a wild orchid growing in it the summer - we're hoping it will come back and will check carefully before the lawnmower comes out...

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Donna S said...

I like your auto mechanic. Grease and all. Very realistic. I also like to look at your Tudor people, altho it is not my favurite era, it is great to see what others are doing.

My white roses are blooming, even though it is cold enough to have frost at night. Very few leaves left on our trees so winter is definitely on the way.

Robin said...

Thanks Donna - like you, even if it's a period or genre that isn't top of my list - I do like to keep up with what everyone else is up to. The mechanic was fun - and that's the best bit really, being able to nip from one scale to another and one 'theme' to another. No chance of getting bored.