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Friday, November 20, 2015

Sam Oversees Miniature Operations

Sam, my large madcap cat really doesn't like much about miniatures - he's not allowed to play with the dolls since he mistook one for a mouse! It's really all been far too busy for him lately.......

As you can see he retreated in a sulk to the top of the kitchen cupboard, (where incidentally he rearranged my collection of enamelware) while we brought in all the boxes and stands after Haddenham and disrupted his snooze.

He was also less than impressed when I objected to him popping the bubble wrap and shredding the tissue paper I was using packing parcels! Thankfully the last parcel sent off has now arrived so I can show you what was in them! All the dolls are in 1/12th scale.

I hope the two couples aren't sharing the same house - I can't see the suited lady approving of shirt sleeves can you?  I wouldn't mind betting that she runs the W.I., the local choir and irons her husband's socks!

Now meet Edie who has moved to Wales to live with Arthur.  She was a touch offended when Jenni ordered her as a 'Mail Order Bride' - well, really!  After all she'd been writing to the man for years so it was about time he made an honest woman of her.  I think she's secretly thrilled as she's baked him a pork pie and I'm sure they'll be very happy. I do have it on authority that he is quietly delighted doing everything he can to please her,  while she is happily baking and dusting, singing as she goes.
I also think she was rather relieved to leave the muddle that is the Coombe Crafts workbench!

Felicity and Ron who organised the Haddenham Dollshouse and Miniatures Exhibition tell me that £543.40 was raised to be shared jointly between the charities Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Thames Valley Air Ambulance - a splendid amount for a small event on a rainy day - small is beautiful! Thanks to all who contributed.

Celia Thomas my KT Miniatures chum has a fabulous collection of antique and vintage miniatures about to go on sale. Titled the Oxford Collection, there is super back story.  The items, some rare, were rediscovered in the attic in an old house in Oxford  - a collection handed down by various generations of the family from mid/late 1800s to 1930s.
I've been lucky to see just two or three of the pieces - very exciting - and I'm sure if you love old, unique miniatures you'll want to take a look.  I've been drooling over a wonderful antique tinplate long-case clock - never seen anything like it!
Go to her website and enjoy!

Right, now I need to prize Sam off my seat so I can get back to work again.

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jenann said...

Edie is such a wonderful little lady and Arthur is a very happy fiance. They now plan a quiet wedding over the Christmas holidays and will honeymoon in Shoebox Lane whilst Arthur's somewhat run down house receives a make over so they can set up home together in comfotable suroundings.
What a handsome chap Sam is! I'm sure he would be more than happy to share HIS chair wiTh you!
J x

PILAR6373 said...

estoy segura que Arthur y Edie,serán un matrimonio muy feliz,han esperado tanto este momento!!!! Y son tan dulces los dos....
Una bonita recaudación para un maravilloso fin,enhorabuena a todos!!!!

Robin said...

Thank you so much Pilar - isn't it nice to know there will be a wedding - I hope we'll hear all about it Jenni.

Donna S said...

Hi Robin:
I think Sam is lovely and has the right idea! LOL
Really like your new people and hope where they are going will like them too. You cheered up a rainy, dreary day here in Canada.