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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tiny Toys For Tiny Children

Having finally completed as many dolls as possible in three scales - and furniture too - it's been rather fun to turn  attention to some additional original accessories to go with them.  With some little children on the stand it was clear that they just didn't have enough toys, so that's what I've been making. It's been fun!

The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair is now only 10 days away!! Standholder friends are comparing notes...are we ready....will we BE ready???   Hmmmmm....Of course we shall - and we're all looking forward to another super fair!

Michael and his little sister Molly are 1/12th scale.  Michael has tadpoles in that jar!
 As I mentioned - the children need some more toys, so we'll have all sorts from small set pieces that will pop straight into a nursery or bedroom to individual toys in both 1/24th and 1/12th scales to add to the cheerful clutter of a child's room or add to a toyshop.


The little chairs are by Penny's Furniture who will also be at the fair and they're perfect for these little sets of  toys. There's a definite vintage flavour for me when it comes to toy-making and the little wind-up Musical Carousel was a very satisfying challenge, while the truck with rabbit and golly are well loved and well used.

Of course most toys get used and bashed so it's clear that the 1930s old and rather rusty painted tin pram in 1/24th scale, complete with dolly and antique lace cove,r has probably been relegated to the attic along with the aged tennis set. Many of the toys pictured are one-offs so won't be repeated.

This little 1/24th scale doll's pram has been relegated to the attic
This1/24th scale tennis racquet hasn't been  used for a few years...

If you're coming along on 21st February, do come and say hello, we're on stand 37 towards the end of the Main Hall near the exit door.

Thank you for looking
Robin x


jenann said...

Aw, shame about the little pram being relegated to the attic, the dolly in it doesn't look too happy at the idea!

Ilona said...

Hi Robin! You are ready in time for the show...? Phew, kept my fingers crossed for you, so now I can let go of them ;O??
You've done a great job on all of these old toys, love every bit of it :)! Wishing you luck and good sales at the show!
Hug, Ilona

Donna S said...

Oh Robin! Wish I was not so far away in Canada and could come to the show - I would be buying lots of toys from you - they are wonderful! And I hope you have some 1/48 little ones left so I can have a little peep too. Love your stuff!