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Monday, February 16, 2015

Last Minute Bits - And Some Unique Little Scenes

As always I'm packing and pricing and trying to work out the best layout for the Coombe Crafts stand at The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair, having finished off the last few items. Last minute pics. coming up!
Items not sold at the fair will be available afterwards so if you've spotted something on your wish list, do get in touch.

Having created a teeny tiny 1/48th scale milkman I decided to use my last 'body' for another milkman, this one in 1/24th scale, he's pictured with a couple of friends.

I also 'found' a 1/12th scale seagull looking very naked without feathers - he's got some now, although he's somewhat scruffy, like all my feathered birds, so he'll look fine with the scruffy parrots!

 A couple of 1/24th scale fat brown hens also got their feathers on and are looking for a back yard to scratch about in.

A few blue tits and robins - handpainted as they're too small for feathering - complete the birds for the show.

Apologies for the quality of this one - I forgot to move the CDs they were sitting on!

And finally I filled up a 1/24th scale display case with a collection of curios, shells and corals which would look perfect in a gentleman's study or antique shop.

And the 'Unique Little Scenes'......well it's like this....Celia and I create a unique scene (usually in two scales) for each of our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops as well as one for each 'how to' magazine feature....and we're running out of storage space!!!!!!
SO - we shall have a number of the scenes for sale at the fair as we're both running out of cupboards and shelves and have to be ruthless.
I shall have 1/24th scale versions on my stand - No 37 - and 1/12th scenes will be on Celia's KT Miniatures stand  - No 30  - conveniently next to us.  We are in the Main Hall near the Exit door and we'll both be delighted to tell you more about the workshops or the September Reserve List for The Little Vintage Toyshop Workshop.
If you're coming to the fair this Saturday you're sure of a splendid time; do come and say 'hello', we're looking forward to seeing many old and new friends.

Just a reminder that in common with many other traders we do not take 'plastic', so cash only please - we can only accept a cheque from someone who is already well known to us as these can no longer be guaranteed with a card.

Thank you for looking


jenann said...

Hi Robin

Good luck with the fair! Everything looks great - specially like the balding seagull who can come and roost on Arthur's roof any time he likes and, if he doesn't sell, please may we adopt him?

I'm sorry it's been an age, I'm still struggling with chemo but seem to be making some headway and will be back in miniatures mode soon.

Love to you and to Celia,
Jenni, Grandpa, Grandma, Arthur and the tenants! xxx

Robin said...

SO good to hear from you Jenni - not a great time for you - keep yer end up!
Will be in touch after the fair.
Take care

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin! I Love the birds scruffy ones as well as the painted ones! I already know that you will do well at the fair, but I wish you Great Sales anyway!
Have Fun! :D

Robin said...

Thanks Elizabeth - fingers are crossed of course but we always have such a lovely day anyway.

SO pleased that I can now leave a comment on your Blog....the last one was just fantastic - your work is so inspiring.

Ilona said...

HI Robin! All your characters are wonderful, I love the sailor man ;)! Yes, sometimes it's time to clean up cabinets and shelves, I agree with you :)!
Just like Elizabeth, I just love your scruffy birds and the robins too, good sales at the fair! Have fun!
Hug, Ilona

PILAR6373 said...

Robin,mucha suerte en la feria!!! Tienes unos personajes fantásticos,tanto los humanos como esos maravillosos animales!!!

Donna S said...

Again Robin, Iam enjoying your little creations - especially the birds. Lovely. Might just have to order one of the little blue tits after the show for myself.

Have fun! Sell lots!
Donna in Ontario

Robin said...

Thanks folks - am nearly ready......