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Friday, July 4, 2014

Little People Full of Character

More tiny 1/48th scale people have reached their new homes so I can now show you my pictures of the last ones.
As it's Wimbledon and I really love watching the tennis on T.V., I had a cunning plan to work on my miniatures while watching.......not all cunning plans are successful....

You might guess that 'working' while watching hasn't worked so I've rushed about like a demented hen before lunchtime when play begins trying to get miniatures, shopping, gardening etc. done so that I can catch some of the matches.

It's a good job Wimbledon wasn't on when I was trying to create these tiny characters......

The weather has been lovely so it's been a joy to get out into the garden really early in the mornings for some essential cutting back and weeding - mostly dragging out yards and yards of cleavers and bindweed - and I cut a huge bunch of flowers and leaves to bring indoors this morning. As you know by now I can't resist squeezing a few plants into my blog.......

I was given a super present of this wooden hanger for terracotta pots earlier in the year.  It's a really simple design, so effective and stunning now the pots are brimful of lobelia and violas and looks fantastic hung up on our old shed.

Just a few weeks ago I bought a couple of Spider Lily (Hymenocallis) bulbs half price at a Garden Centre and shoved them into a pot more in hope than expectation.  I've tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to grow these before so imagine my surprise and delight when one burst into flower a day or two ago. It looks amazing next to the Bergamot, also in a pot, waiting for the 'right' spot in the garden to emerge from the undergrowth.

Thank you for looking.


The grandmommy said...

You little people have so much character! Very nice! I am trying to get my garden to look as great as your! Maybe one day. :-)

The grandmommy said...

Oops! YOUR little people have lots of character. :-D

PILAR6373 said...

Me encanta la expresión de tus pequeños personajes!!!
Que maravilla de jardín!!!

Ilona said...

Your characters are absolutely great, Robin, they look a lot like their bigger siblings :)!
So, you are just such lover of nature, just like a lot of us, so me too :)! I always try to add a picture of flowers into my blog posts. I like that wooden hanger for pots, lovely idea. This Spider Lily seems to feel at home in your flower pot ;)!
Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Ilona

jenann said...

Lovely post! Your garden is beautiful, as always.
The little people are so very cute. I specially love the lady in the hat and the gentleman in the brown suit.
Jenni xx

Donna S said...

As usual Robin, your garden is lovely. I have so many critters that like to chomp on my stuff it is hard to get things to mature.
Love it that you included my little vicar in your photos.

Robin said...

So happy you all liked my characters - the vicar is my favourite so I'm glad he has a nice new home with you Donna.
As to the garden - yes I do love it....but I only show you the best ain't perfect!