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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Everything Changes....and Moves On

'Nothing stays the same...'. We hear this all the time and of course it's true. This year we've been reminded of a number of important commemorations - WW1 and D-Day for instance - but there are lots smaller local markers of time moving on.

Out and about last week I took this photo of a beautiful windmill that's being restored.  I've been waiting for ages until the sails were on and I could get a picture of it with the towers of Didcot Power Station in the background.  The first tower is to be demolished soon and it's always been part of my local landscape  - just seems like an interesting juxtaposition.

It's not really on a hill - I was perching precariously on a grass verge

This telephone box (and the post box) in a place I know very well, do kind of flag up the fact that everyone now has a telephone....and all the visitors to the pretty village feeding the ducks on the pond, have a mobile phone in their pocket.

Out of the shed, where it's been languishing for a few years, came this old typesetting tray.  Back in the dark ages when I first started work in publishing I took a Pre-tech Printing Course and learnt the rudiments of typesetting by hand - absolutely fascinating - so I love these trays.  Actually lino-type (told you it was the dark ages*) was still in use and filmsetting was the NEW thing! A new fangled computer filled a vast room!

Anyway this will be used to display miniatures when I've cleaned it up...which won't be a quick job.

Thank you for looking.
P.S * mid 1960s


The grandmommy said...

I have a few of those myself. I never saw one in use though. I just like them:-)

jenann said...

I think those of us born in the mid-20th century saw more changes even than there were in Victorian times. Whilst progress is inevitable and, to some extent, beneficial, I'm not sure it is all for the best. Years ago, it would have been a matter of pride to be a skilled type setter. Now, it must be hard to be proud of your work if a computer does everything for you. Not to mention the fact that, in many cases, those Royal Mail splashes of red that were so cheerful a part of our environment have either disappeared or left to become a faded, dull pink.
No wonder so many of your little people go off to homes or gardens set in previous decades! I bet they are happy to do so,lol.

Steinworks said...

it's so sad that no one has cleand up the phone booth or the mail box they are both pieces of history that a now lost forever. you can't find a phone booth in our town and you're even luckier if you find a mail box. sometimes I dont like change.

Ilona said...

Hi Robin! Your windmill is beautifully restored. And, yes, I thought you were standing on a sloping hill, where you took the first picture ;) LOL!!
I do love old windmills! Thankfully we have plenty of them in The Netherlands and lots of them are in good condition, or (since about 30 years) people saw that they had to restore this legacy from earlier times :D!
It is such a pity that the phone booth and the mailbox are overgrown with weeds, they are so wonderful to see and very charistical for your country. Here we don't have them anymore since many years!! Even at that time, not everyone possessed a cellphone, so it was not a good thing that they disappeared at that time....
Have a nice week! Ilona

Robin said...

Glad you found the photos interesting - thanks for the comments which were both interesting and thought provoking!
Have to say modern technology and medecine for instance are amazing and wonderful.....still like windmills and phone boxes best though....