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Monday, May 12, 2014

Here She Comes Again.....

While I've had a lovely little garden 'spend' in my local market to tell you about - I have been working too so it might not come as a great surprise to see yet another Fag Ash Lil' - she has to be the favourite character!

I really should find a few more names for this lady.....although they're all cheery characters wearing all their 'slap' and trinkets for the early morning cleaning shift at the bank.......each one is individually sculpted and of course dressed in a variety of wrap-round pinnies and fluffy slippers so they all have different personalities!

I think this little 1/12th lady could have a go at my work bench with her bucket and mop before she sets off for the bank, then moves on to her new home.

Two special buys in the market recently - the first, a very unusual double cowslip, which is just lovely, and has now been planted in my 'wild patch' where I'm trying to persuade my lovely cat not to sleep quite on top of it when she's sunbathing!

...and I bought an owl!!

As I rule I can walk past the stall selling garden 'ornaments' without much of a second glance - but the large snowy owl, all very rustic and fashionably rusty took my eye. Two circuits of the market and back....for thinking time.... and he came home with me.  Since I took the photo he's taken up residence on a chunky log and looks more at home.  The local birds took a day or so to be sure he wasn't going to chase them but now they happily ignore him.

Thanks for looking.


Ilona said...

She is beautiful, fantastic work, 'your' Fag Ash Lil :D!
You were so lucky for finding that unusual plant, the double cowslip. But perhaps you can persuade your cat not to sleep on this rarity by making him afraid with the snowy owl ;)??
Kind regards, ilona

Susan said...

Fag Ash Lil always makes me smile, she is me in another life ;) Lovely plant, will you show us the flowers fully open please? A few mothballs around precious plants will keep cats off.

Serenata said...

It is lovely to have a 'wild patch' in the garden and it should attract butterflies etc...IF you can persuade your cat not to crush the plants! ;-)

Great owl, I can see why he was hard to resist.

As for Fag Ash 'Lil if she is going out cleaning workstations...could she pop over and do mine?! There is a right mess here...although she would have to lose her fag I am afraid.

Serenata said...

Actually also meant to add she reminds me of the stories my husband has told of one of his great aunts who used to do the ironing with a fag hanging out of her mouth just like this and periodically she would have to sweep the dropped ash out the way!

Robin said...

Thank you all! As I know from your own blogs you all weave lovely stories around your own creations, so I feel in good company!!
I don't think Fag Ash does much ironing Serenata. Lol

Ilona - my cat is not a bit afraid of Snowy Owl, but I might try Susan's suggestion of mothballs!

Thanks for that Sus. The flowers is actually fully open. The single version is just a single 'trumpet' so this one is lots of frills. Do you have these in Austalia??