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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

...And Another Family Moves On....

One of the most exciting (terrifying) commissions for a doll maker is the one that starts with a photograph...or series of photographs..........

It is quite a leap of faith for a customer to entrust a commission which aims for a likeness of their family so that a miniature family home can be inhabited by (one hopes) 'the family'. To be very (VERY) clear I don't 'do' portraiture ... others do and I'm in awe of their  artistry....but I'm always happy to have a bash at a 'likeness' - which usually works and is seriously less scary!

So here is the latest 1/12th family who have just taken up residence in their new home  - it's to be a post war house and as you can see Dad is wearing his de-mob suit and the boys are all in their regulation, below-knee grey short trousers worn for decades in this country.

With friends, I had a lovely time as a visitor to KDF last Sunday. It was a really outstanding show so there is no way I can even begin to list favourites among the many artisans.  It was also great to catch up with old friends, see new-to-me artists from outside the U.K, and have a modest spend on some special miniature treats.

One old friend I did catch up with, not having seen her for ages, was Deb Jackson whose superb miniature work is absolutely unique! Dolls with heads the size of a pin head.....micro everything from chairs to microscopes. Attendance at fairs is rare so take a look at her website - and be enthralled!

A couple of blogs back I featured our WW1 scene commissioned by Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine as a 'how to' project - August Issue (out on June 26th). The scene is now on display in the Thame Museum,  Oxfordshire, as part of the fascinating WW1 exhibition, which is well worth a visit if you're in the area. 
The scene will be returned to Celia and me after the exhibition closes towards the end of August. Thereafter the diorama will be offered for sale with 50% donated to The Royal British Legion in support of their valuable work. Full details for any interested individuals or organisations are on our Nostalgia in Miniature website and we welcome enquiries.

The sun is out - the garden is blooming!!! You know me....have to squeeze in a few flowers......

Thank you for looking.


jenann said...

I think I might know who those three little boys are... It is lovely to see two who look very alike and then the little fella who has darker hair, a very normal but rarely represented thing in a family. mum and Dad look so proud of their brood.

Now how did you persuade your beautiful irises to flower? Mine appear to be sulking.
It is great to see how well your garden is doing. We have a sort of moonscape at the moment. Having a large pond put in to help with the drainage is a messy old business!

Jenni and Little People x

Ilona said...

Absolutely wonderful work on this miniature family, Robin! I think it is difficult for sculpting persons which have to look like the real family. It must have been very difficult, but your dolls are awesome!
Enjoy your beautiful flowers, here in The Netherlands we also have blooming flowers in our garden. The irisses here also are in full bloom.
Kind regards, Ilona

Steinworks said...

Oh Robin the family looks absolutely wonderful..I love how you kept to the theme right down the childrens clothing as for the flowers how are yours blooming mine have yet to do a thing they're all just sleeping. you must have a green thumb ;)


Robin said...

Lovely comments from you all - much appreciated. I think in due course you'll see more of the family - but from their new owner!
My garden is looking great - full of flowers and just as many weeds. Not all the iris look this good I have to confess - glad you like the flowers too.
The moonscape and pond sound more encouraging than your flood at least Jenni.

Serenata said...

A bit slow at commenting, loving your garden Robin, always enjoy looking at it. My first iris is flowering and I am delighted!

The family is wonderful and yes they will be appearing soon....

KT Miniatures said...

The little dolls are absolutely delightful Robin. Flowers are pretty stunning too! Celia