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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's a Bit of a Muddle ...We're Getting There!

My workbench is in a muddle - nothing new there, as you'll know if you keep up with my ramblings.
However, I promise this is a productive muddle! Oh Yes!! And I have lists too!

Surveying the muddle are a few 1/12th characters - Fag Ash Lil' looks tipsy, but I think it's the camera angle and the hurry I was in.
Little Billy has some tadpoles in that jam jar.
 Moving along to take their place in the pricing and packing line-up are a selection of 1/24th beds and Mackintosh chairs together with our new 1/48th scale chairs in the same style. We also have some new beds, including a rather posh four poster and some new characters all in 1/48th scale!
I'm sure you've worked out by now that this is another 'getting ready for THE THAME DOLLS HOUSE AND MINIATURE FAIR' blog. If you are able to come, I know it will be a great day out and a wonderful show this coming Saturday 23rd - do come and say hello'. We're on stand 36 - Coombe Crafts. Right next to us is friend and Nostalgia in Miniature partner Celia Thomas on her KT Miniatures stand, and we'll both be delighted to tell you more about our workshops.If you click HERE you'll go to the fair website for all the details.
St. Issey - Talskiddy -  Little Pethrick
Our unique tiny 1/48th scale round cottages will also be on our stand - three, all subtley different - inspired by real life Cornish cottages. They all feature an open back and a mossy thatched roof that lifts off for easy access. Completely handmade, I love giving each its own little garden and climbing shrub clinging to the weathered 'stone' wall. A shabby door is invitingly ajar, and a curve of worn stone steps leads up to the first floor.

So now it's back to the muddle and turning it into a beautifully ordered and packed series of cases and boxes ready for the show! 
Thank you for looking


Sandra Morris said...

You're a lot better organised than I am at the moment!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday....


Wyrna Christensen said...

I would love to visit you, but unfortunately there is a little too far, maybe once. I love your climbing shrubs. Have a nice trip.


Robin said...

No Sandra - it's all a Blog illusion.
Looking forward to seeing you too x.

Hi Wyrna - it would be lovely if you could come. Put it on your 'wish list'.Thanks for your lovely comments.

Susan said...

Wish the relatives and their maker ;) Unfortunately 'Little Jim' has seen his cousins tadpoles and is now raiding Lil's kitchen in search of a jam jar..... Lots of luck with packing!!!

Fabiola said...

Your little cottages are wonderful
Bye Faby

Robin said...

Thanks Susan and Faby, glad you're still enjoying my ramblings....I'll bet Little Jim has caught his tadpoles by now.

Ascension said...

Tus personajes como siempre fantasticos!!!
Y esas cabaƱas son preciosas, quedaran genial en cualquier escena, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension