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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Circling the Magic

I remembered the wonderful word 'Widdershins' - archaic and magical and associated with witches - and thought it was a great 'title' for this trio of witches climbing and circling the magical spiral branches.  Then I looked it up and realised that is meant anticlockwise, against the sun......Whoops, they're all going the other way!

As you can see I've settled for the rather less exciting 'Circling the Magic'....I just knew someone would spot the bloomer.  The idea for the little group came to me many months ago when I found the super bleached root that had grown naturally in this brilliant circlar manner. Finally I got around to making the 1/48th scale witches and their tame raven and set it all on a grassy mound. Of course the witches each carry a  magic crystal or metal sphere as they climb to begin their ritual.......maybe it's a spell for an early Spring and lovely Summer?

Like 'Hollow-tree'  pictured on my previous Blog, this is also a 'one and only' (after all how many cicular bleached roots can I find?) and will be for sale on our Coombe Crafts stand at the exciting and prestigious, artisan only Thame Dolls House and Miniatures Fair, here in Thame on Saturday 23rd February.
Click on the link for all the Fair details including the full list of artisans, fabulous Raffle and Sales Table raising funds once more for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Celia Thomas is collecting up an amazing array of the generously donated Raffle prizes and features them on her  KTMiniatures Blog as they come in - a tiny exquisite Tower House doll by Sandra Morris and a beautiful watercolour by Dave Williams of Harvington Miniatures are just two of the latest.

Phew....just finished some new characters in 1/24th scale....1/12th next week....only two weeks till Fair day!

For the gardeners amongst us - a lovely patch of Hellebores surrounded by the marbled leaves of cyclamen and arum.

Thank you for looking.


Witchy J said...

Oh wow I love the 'circling the magic' witches. Hope you have a great fair at Thame Robin, wish I was able to go.

J x

Fabiola said...

I like your circling the magic witches.
Bye Faby

Robin said...

Thank you both - I'm really glad you like 'Circling the Magic' and wish you could both come to the Thame fair, it's very special and we love it.

Ascension said...

Es una preciosa escena magica para una fantastica causa.
Espero que consigais mucho dinero.
Me encantan las brujas y las tuyas son preciosas.
Tus pequeños personajes siempre tan adorables.
besitos ascension

Dave Williams said...

Yet more 1/48th, amazing miniatures and just love the original setting, very nice work Robin.