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Monday, October 15, 2012

Squirrels And Other Distractions....

Every now and again a few pleasant distractions go a long way.......

It was almost the last of my favourite car boot sales of the season before winter rains really set in .......
I fell in love with this late Victorian Carlton ware tea pot stand. It has a badly damaged corner but was cheap as chips and I love the Oriental Poppy design.

Three years ago at vast expense I bought a miniature water lily for my tiny new garden pond - actually it's so tiny it's more of an elegant puddle, but boasts plants, wiggley water bugs, frogs and toads and I love it!!
Three years I've been waiting for this exquisite flower!!! Despite the rain ever since it opened I keep going to just look. Magic!!

And here's the squirrel.  He (or maybe she) is a Bournemouth squirrel - one of many who gave us loads of pleasure last week as we watched them happily burying nuts under the trees, and five minutes later, having
chased about a bit, promptly dug them up. Must be a new new game!!
Had planned a paddle in the sea...... but it rained.

And after the distractions, still working in a muddle..... I really don't do 'pretty' as you know but an old friend twisted my arm, so just for her, a 1/24th scale  bride and groom. I think she was hoping for Princess Catherine,  Duchess of Cambridge - Oh well, never mind!
I'm not quite sure how the bartender fits into the scene but all three are on their way to U.S.A.

Still hoping it might stop raining soon....thanks for looking.


Drora's minimundo said...

How nice to watch the squirrels play.
The water lilly is gorgeous, I've never before seen one.
Your bride and groom are so cute!
Your friend can, if she wants to, change the bartender's outfit and make him the bridegroom's best man.
Hugs, Drora

Wyrna Christensen said...

I've never seen a waterlily look as great as yours, it has been worth to wait. Your three people are beautiful, amazing that you can make them in such a small scala.

Robin said...

Thank you both for your kind comments - I don't think I'm going to specialise in brides though!!
Yes isn't the water lily wonderful.
We do have wild ones here which are usually larger and white or yellow, but they wouldn't fit into this tiny pond.

Fabiola said...

Your bride and groom are wonderful.
Bye Faby

jenann said...

Clearly, the little bar tender was instrumental in bringing the bride and groom together. Without him there would have been no wedding to attend.
I love this little set. They are so real and, unlike traditional dolls, they don't have bland, grinning faces. Like all your people, they are full of character and I just have to make up stories about them.

Robin said...

Perhaps the little bartender did bring them's a nice thought.