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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sporting Heroes ..and Other 1/24th Scale Characters

Sport is never very high on my agenda I must admit - watching or taking part  - although I spent many wet cold hours on the sidelines at boys football matches 'in the old days'. It does mean I know what a pair of miniature football boots should look like though!
So as a complete change, and wanting to produce a few new and fun characters to take to the Dolly's Daydreams Dolls House and Miniature Fair in Thame at The Leisure Centre on Bank Holiday Monday - 27th August, I thought I'd make a couple of sportsman.

I badgered my other half into making me a nice bat for the cricketer - definitely a weekend cricketer only, this chap. I also think the footballer plays for a Sunday league rather than the you can see
from the close-up he wears the number 9 shirt (must be a striker) and has studs on his boots. The old-fashioned leather ball was just easier to make than one with all those hexagons!!

If I'd had some more figures to spare I'd have gone on to rugby and golf players..... but there's always a next time and a 1/24th tennis racquet might be an interesting challenge....

I'm not sure what the vicar said to the window cleaner...there has to be a joke in there somewhere!

Another couple of my little lady shoppers...Mavis and Ethel, putting the world to rights!

And finally......this is my Nasturtium Eureka moment folks. If you read the blog earlier in the year you'll know I planned to copy an idea I'd seen, and plant up a couple of baked bean cans with nasturtiums.
They almost pegged out just after planting, in the short-lived baking hot week or two, then nearly drowned in the long rainy weeks, but now they're beginning to look great and the cans are nicely rusty.

Thanks for looking.


Margaret said...

What fantastic little characters, I particularly love the two little old ladies (that will be me before too long, hehe). And love your hanging nasturtiums, might have to give that a go.

Robin said...

Thsnks'll be me too.
I'll bet there's still time to plant up a couple of nasturtiums or even plant the seedds - give it a go!

Mary Williams said...

Fantastic Robin, I love the sportsmen! x

Robin said...

Thanks Mary - loved doing them - such a change from the old dears.

Wyrna Christensen said...

I'm your newest followers.
I just found your blog and am very impressed that you can make miniature things in such a small scale. Very impressed. Your sports people are marvelous.
I'm new miniature blogger, but only in scale 1-12 and it is a challenge enough, come by and visit me one day.

Looking forward to see more.

Wyrna from A fairytale come true.

Robin said...

Thanks Wyrna I'm glad you've enjoyed looking at my work. I'll be sure and visit your blog soon.

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Son fantásticos tus personajes!!!