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Friday, August 10, 2012

And Some More In 1/48th Scale....

I fetched out the tripod for my camera and took pictures of more 1/48th dolls - should have done that before - and also Farthing Stores a little village shop in the same scale.

I thought I should take at least one photograph with the famous match stick to give an idea of scale - but to be very exact she's just 1 3/8" tall. All the dolls are fully poseable.

This little old lady is even shorter and wears a tiny ribbon-trimmed cap and shawl in vintage lace.

If you follow the blog or have seen these little people at a fair, you'll know that most have been costumed very simply - chaps in jumpers and trousers and ladies in short knee-length skirts, cardigans or jumpers. In response to many requests, and when I have a little more time to work on a group I am making some more detailed costumes. This little group shows some of these, including a rare child.  All will go on sale first at the fair on 27th August here in Thame.

Also being shown at the fair for the first time is Farthing Stores a tiny one-roomed village shop in 1/48th scale. As you can see in the last photograph the thatched roof just lifts off and the back is open to allow easy access. The bow-fronted window is just ready to be laid out with goods and there's room for a counter and shop shelves which we also make.  You can see these if you click on the 1/48th scale List in the side bar here.

The old stone walls support an old fashoned rambler rose and the thatched roof is mossy with age. Adding depth and tone to the walls, the moss and lichen to the thatch and the plants, is almost the best bit for me and it's always hard to actually stop fiddling.

An old brass bell hangs on a spring on the door and I'm sure all the shoppers get a warm welcome when they push it open. I've really enjoyed working on the shop - just wish there was time to finish another before the fair.

Thank you for looking.



Lucy Coles said...

Your wee dolls are lovely.

Jean Tuthill said...

Your little dolls are wonderful! I just love them! And Farthing Stores is great. I love the finish on it! Thanks for coming by and your sweet comment.

Robin said...

Many thanks Lucy and Jean - glad you like them - very good for my ego. Lol.
I love your garden Jean - in many ways it reminds me of mine and clearly we love the same flowers.

Jean Day said...

Your dolls are so tiny, amazing. They look so good! Your Farthing Stores is wonderful.

Robin said...

Thanks Jean