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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Huge Best Wishes.... for Miniatura

Just a really quick post to wish all my friends with stands at Miniatura this weekend, a great show weekend!!!
After all your hard work and preparation I hope you have both an enjoyable and successful fair.

A special mention for my chums Louise and Marlene who are the aptly named 'Model Village Miniatures' - I know they have a loyal following, not least because the expertly designed and presented furniture kits, in both scales, allow the collector to properly build and customise their own 'makings', but also because the lovely tiny saggy and stuffed sofas and wonderful tiny knitted toys bring a dolls house to life!!
Also a mini-mention that once again my Coombe Crafts 1/24th characters will be on their stand, sitting on the kitchen and pub furniture, just to show what it can look like.

So - best of luck to you all - and if you are visiting - do enjoy all the wonderful work that the craftsman exhibiting have to offer.


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