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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Bird Gives Us All A Laugh!

While I'm actually knee-deep in preparations for our Nostaglia in Miniature Workshop this Sunday at Waterperry Gardens....and some lovely commissions.....we HAD to pollard our Willow Trees a weekend or two ago!!

If you know anything about Willows, you'll know that these beautiful trees grow a mile a minute...and in a garden it's necessary to show them who's boss. We've enjoyed the glorious vibrant greens of the bare branches all winter so it's been the time to give them - we have two - a short back and sides! They'll burst into bud and branch any time now and look wonderful again.

I'm a huge fan of Serena de la Hey who constructs wondrous huge sculptures in woven willow (Google her, she's amazing. The Willow Man near Bridgewater is hers!), as well as other artists who work with nature .
So - garden full of willow branches and prunings - seemed worth a go! I'm quite capable of weaving the odd plant tripod and border edges - but this was to be ambitious!

A Willow Man being somewhat beyond my capabilities...I decided on a duck.
Here's the duck!!'s given us all a laugh!

Family and friends, having viewed said construction, have variously suggested it looks rather more like a swan, or goose, or ostrich. We've settled on 'ostrich' - a sitting down, Oswald Ostrich. Long legs are 'under consideration' for when we give the Hazel a short back and sides. I daren't use Willow for these - it'll grow!!

Best get back to miniatures! This little group in 1/24th scale was put together recently. Jack's totally worn out after a day's fishing and is hoping that Jill's put the kettle on!!

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Fabiola said...

This is a very nice scene.
Bye Faby

KT Miniatures said...

Have to say that I would settle for an ostrich rather than a duck Robin. Is there no end to your talents!lol Roll on Sunday and the workshop....thank goodness I can be there now & that Plan B did not have to swing into action.