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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scruffy Feathers...Lovely Ladies....

If you've see the feathered birds I make from time to time - you'll know I do scruffy feathered friends...not preened and posh.

As a change from parrots and seagulls I've been making a few domestic birds again in both scales. So - herewith - a 1/12th rooster and his wife and chick, and a 1/24th rooster and his duck chum....I love doing these, even though they take a time.

I'm delighted to say that most of the robins and blue tits pictured earlier and on sale at our workshop last Sunday have flown off to new gardens - so I must make some more.

The Workshop was a super, hardworking, friendly afternoon and some lovely gardens emerged from the pieces of wood and packets of 'bits' in the kits. It was especially nice that several participants brought along their personalised gardens from the previous workshop so that they could tie them in with the new one. The comments afterwards have all been enthusiatic and generous. I'd also like to say a big 'thank you' to the lovely ladies for the generous contributions to our Breast Cancer Campaign fundraising on the day.

We have some pictures on our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops blog if you'd like to see more, or check the workshop places still available - but I can't resist this one!
Janine brought her previous project along - lovely - and Celia is away in the background wearing her workshop 'halo'!!

I have some lovely commissions and some dolls to stock up on - so it's a couple of weeks of sculpting before the Haddenham Exhibition and Fair on November 12th - I do love scupting new characters!!

Thanks for looking

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Little Gardening...A Little Washing....

This Sunday we are back in the Workshop in Thame for a last reprise of earlier workshops for those who missed them first time around - I'm sure the Girl Guide H.Q. here in Thame, which is our venue, will again be full of enthusiasm and fun!

So I've been back making a few more items for miniature gardens, which will go on sale first this weekend. Just for a change I've been making a few more little birds - blue tits and robins in both 1/12th and 1/24th scales - to perch on the dilapidated watering cans and old plant pots I've made.

These are in 1/12th scale

I couldn't resist potting up a few 1/24th pansies made from Georgina Steeds' amazing kits - we use them in our workshop projects and they always look beautiful. Apologies for the less than perfect pictures

1/24th scale

This week Celia and I have put the finishing touches to the 1/12th 'Little Old Washing Line' project - our Christmas Special Workshop - this has been such fun! I'm in charge of Santa's washing (he wears red longjohns you know), and Celia the old pebbled-dashed coal bunker and concrete posts for the old clothes line itself. These give the whole scene a nostalgic pre-war look I think! We shall have some snow too, so if someone would like a really Christmassy scene that will be even more fun!

You can see more pictures on our blog and website - which is where you'll find details if you'd like to take up a place - but it's almost full so you need to be quick.

First frost of the season this week - I might have to dig out some real size longjohns!!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soldiers, Sailor...and Seedheads......

I was going to add.....and the title, but it doesn't quite have that poetic ring does it???

So - it seems only fair to start with the wheelbarrow and I'm delighted to be able to show you the latest 1/48th piece to emerge from the workshop. We have just a few completed for sale so if you would like more details just email me....... and the wheel goes round!!

It was a week of 1/12th chaps in uniform for a change. The retired seaman was a very special commission - always something of a challenge when the character is a representation of a much loved person. Peeping over his shoulder on my muddley workbench is one of the soldiers.

The two soldiers in 1940s uniform are for sale, so again, if you'd like details get in touch. I've created quite young men, as so many were in those perilous wartime years.

I can't resist putting up a photo taken just a day or two ago at Waterperry Gardens - the venue for our workshop in March 2012 - what fantastic seedheads!!! Autumn is here!

Last, but not least, welcome to new Followers - thank you for looking.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

On a Cold and Frosty Morning.....

For the last few weeks Celia ( KT Miniatures), and my partner in our Nostalgia in Miniatures Workshops) and I have been working on a very special 'How To' project for Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine. Now it's been 'delivered' and will be in the January and February 2012 issues.

Please do take a look at our little video - which we hope you'll enjoy - and share our picture of this little scene, Sometime in the 1950s after the festive season, with frost on the ground, the last vestiges of the festive season were crammed into the dustbin and spilled out of the old boxes. The tree has almost no leaves left hanging, and the puddles in the old crazy paving are frozen - the New Year is about to least someone remembered to feed the birds...

A unique creation of a little old back-garden - this scene is an extension of our workshops being held in Thame, Oxfordshire, this year. What is very special for us, is deciding to donate the 1/12th scale completed scene to raise funds for Breast Cancer Campaign by means of a sealed bid auction.
It's a charity important to us both, and many others, of course.
If you would like to own the original, you can bid online now by going to our website, or in person at Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition and Fair on November 12th - (details in my previous blog) or at the prestigious Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair on February 19th 2012 - the bids will be opened there, and the successful bid announced at the end of the fair by the Thame Town Crier.

We've had enormous pleasure in the creation of this little scene - and I hope it shows - and are delighted that it will be featured in the magazine so that other enthusiasts can make it their own, and that hopefully it will also raise much needed funds for this important charity.

Thank you for looking