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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scruffy Feathers...Lovely Ladies....

If you've see the feathered birds I make from time to time - you'll know I do scruffy feathered friends...not preened and posh.

As a change from parrots and seagulls I've been making a few domestic birds again in both scales. So - herewith - a 1/12th rooster and his wife and chick, and a 1/24th rooster and his duck chum....I love doing these, even though they take a time.

I'm delighted to say that most of the robins and blue tits pictured earlier and on sale at our workshop last Sunday have flown off to new gardens - so I must make some more.

The Workshop was a super, hardworking, friendly afternoon and some lovely gardens emerged from the pieces of wood and packets of 'bits' in the kits. It was especially nice that several participants brought along their personalised gardens from the previous workshop so that they could tie them in with the new one. The comments afterwards have all been enthusiatic and generous. I'd also like to say a big 'thank you' to the lovely ladies for the generous contributions to our Breast Cancer Campaign fundraising on the day.

We have some pictures on our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops blog if you'd like to see more, or check the workshop places still available - but I can't resist this one!
Janine brought her previous project along - lovely - and Celia is away in the background wearing her workshop 'halo'!!

I have some lovely commissions and some dolls to stock up on - so it's a couple of weeks of sculpting before the Haddenham Exhibition and Fair on November 12th - I do love scupting new characters!!

Thanks for looking


Susan said...

Oh, your 'chooks' appeal to my country Aussie kid humour! Thanks for the smile :)
When you have time is it possible for Hilda Grace and James George to have a son and daughter-in-law please? Hilda Grace has been knitting socks in her spare time since arriving Downunder and there's a pair ready and waiting on the end of young Jim's bed ;)

Christine said...

Oh I love these! Congratulations on a successful workshop too. :)

Robin said...

Thank you ladies - you're lovely too!
Email me Susan - bit brain dead unless I can see, read and flag it red!!

Jean Tuthill said...

Wish I was there to partake of all the fun!

Robin said...

I wish you were too Jean!

Ascension said...

Son fantasticos!!!
Enhorabuena por el exito del taller.
besitos ascension

Eliana said...

I loved the family of chickens. ;)
I have enjoyed your blog and your minis. Now I'm your reader.

Robin said...

Oh thank you Ascension, and Eliana too. A very warm welcome to you - it's lovely to have you along.

Dave Williams said...

Photos are great Robin, chickens look brilliant.