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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tall ships and Dolls

The ships look wonderful tied up in Charlestown harbour don't they? The largest, 'Kaskelot', was used as ' The Charlotte Rhodes' in The Onedin Line, I think.

A mini-jaunt for a whiff of ozone was on our list - although it was a little cold for paddling - before we returned home after the lovely Lostwithiel Fair on Sunday.
Huge thanks to Jenny and her helpers - wonderful food as well - for another well organized, well attended and very special fair with a great atmosphere. It was super to meet up again with old friends and we thoroughly enjoyed ourseves.

The little shepherd was one of the new 1/24th characters who made the trip to Cornwall and stayed - so a lovely new home for him and his animals!

Celia Thomas, KT Miniatures, has created another wonderful 1930s shop, full-to-bursting with goods and the atmosphere of the period. The 1/12th shopkeeper and his customer pictured next were created especially for this and once again it was a great commission from a special friend. As she has mentioned on her blog, this is a second shop....and so a second couple. The beauty of handcrafted miniatures is that every single one is unique, and often we are able to work with friends and colleagues to create something very special, so our customers never have a copy always an original piece.

I think the shopkeeper looks a little unsteady on his feet in my picture - must have been at the cooking sherry! He looks great in his shop on Celia's blog though!!

It will be a few days yet I think before my website resurfaces..... and it sounds as if I'm not the only one with gremlins - let's hope they all sort out soon. Meanwhile it's back to the workshop - The Thame Fair isn't far off.

Thanks for looking


Margot Ensink said...

they are both lovely!I think the lady customer takes a fancy on the shopkeeper and he tries escaping her backwards!

Robin said...

Thanks Margot - you know, I think you could be right, he does look a bit nervous!!

KT Miniatures said...

I still think he looks like Mr Dorcas!!! (only Thame Dolls House Club Members will know who I mean)!lol

Robin said...

I might tell him. Lol.