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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Miniature Display for Christmas

It's time to wish everyone who has taken the time to pop in, or follow or leave me lovely comments, A MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I'd also like to say a very big THANK YOU for just reading the blog and hope you've found it interesting.
Another big THANK YOU to very special chums, who encouraged and dragged me kicking and screaming into blogland and helped when I got stuck.
I've enjoyed so much of my 5 months or so of blogging; learned a lot from so many talented bloggers and been inspired by them too.

I'm a miniaturist without a dolls house - which usually surprises people, who know that I do collect the work of other makers. So....... I thought you might like to see how I display them, mostly in the old typesetting trays I love.

You'll see that there are also pretty antique brooches, buttons and badges as well as tiny toys, shells and the little keepsakes that we all have squirrelled away.
I 'bashed' a small but tatty cabinet for a few more, and another for my collection of butterfly brooches - I love butterflies!

It was tricky hanging over the bannisters trying in vain to get all of this one in the picture!

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures...... and as always......thanks for looking.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Friendly Plug or Two

We all meet - or know - special people. I'd like you to meet two friends of mine......

I've known Carole for twenty years...maybe more ......since our craft days, when she'd temporarily put her artist's pencils to one side to grow wonderful plants and herbs which she distilled into fabulous lotions, potions and candles etc. before 'green' and 'organic' were invented. Oh...and she ran marathons in her spare time ....... this was when we were fighting the government of the time to convince them that Miniatures were NOT toys, and should not be subject to the new regulations. Good job we all won.......

I'm delighted to hear that she's picked up her artist's tools again and has launched ORIGINAL ART. For a very reasonable rate she can turn that favourite photograph of a very special person (or pet) into a beautiful pencil portrait ready to frame.

With apologies, because my scanner is playing up and doesn't do it justice, but what a great drawing of Bono......however, my favourite is a sketch of sweet little pooch, next to me as I write this post.
For further details you can contact her - Carole Alison Foord Ollis - on
or phone her - 01249 816566

Jenny is another special friend............ for a good few years too. Along with her friend Cathy - both incredibly talented miniature artisans - she organizes the fantastic East Cornwall Dolls House and Miniatures Fair at Lostwithiel. We have been fortunate enough to have had a stand regularly and love it. Everyone loves it! It has an amazing reputation for a small/medium fair and attracts artisans from all over the U.K. alongside the talented makers of the south west, who often don't receive the acclaim they deserve, and draws visitors from all over Cornwall, Devon and beyond.
It's a very special fair which raises funds for The Doubletrees Special School - come if you can!!

The Fair is at Lostwithiel Community Centre (A390 Liskeard - Truro) on Sunday 23rd January
from 11.00 - 4.00 - Enquiries to Jenny 01726 815626 or Cathy 01726 882830

........10 days to Santa....are you ready???

p.s. Cornwall in January is SUPER!

Friday, December 10, 2010

1/12th, 1/24th and 1/48th - the Christmas Rush

Granted they're not a festive bunch.....but now to write the Christmas cards.

It's always busy around this time of year isn't it? ...........and with a lot of little people all bound for new homes this week, there was a sense of relief to have got there! It's also rather nice that my last 'batch' are on their way to lovely, established customers. So, thank you folks, have a lovely Christmas!

We're in the 1930's, and another dashing racing driver, with his elegant companion - glamorous and exciting days! These characters are in 1/24th scale.

Back up the scales to 1/12th. He's an old fashioned carter, a little on the scruffy and weather-beaten side, but then he's got a bit of a trek to the frozen north where his horse and cart are waiting.

And's those little tiny folks again...1/48th scale......heading west!

I have some catching up to do - but welcome to recent new followers - thank you all for looking.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Best Wishes...and commiserations

Huge best wishes for anyone attending KDF this weekend - I hope you travel safely and have a great show. To those who are snow-bound and can't make it - buckets of sympathy.

Everyone works so hard to prepare for an event like KDF and the disappointment in having to cancel is immense........talking of an 'event'...what are the weather men on about.....we are apparently having a 'severe weather event'!! It's SNOW people!!!

Sandra Morris is one of those stuck in a deep drift, so with true grit she has transported her KDF stand to her website. If you hoped to see her in London - or just love her dolls dolls, pullalongs and other amazing miniatures, (or haven't seen them yet) whizz over to her blog and read all about it. There are fantastic new items, special offers, weekend only bargains and giveaways - phew busy, busy!

I just spotted Mary Williams' incredibly beautiful Edwardian lady dressed in an exquisite green and black silk creation, and envy the lady who finds her under the Christmas tree.

It's been a hectic week, and although we've had less snow than most, it's just as slippery, and the pavements just as hard as I found out to my cost yesterday. I have been doing my best to fulfill all Christmas orders and finish the promised Breast Cancer Campaign Raffle donation for The Thame Fair in February. You may remember the tiny 1/48th little girl I pictured a few blogs ago. She does now have a Mum and Grandad and I've handed them over to Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures who is coordinating the raffle. You can see them if you visit Celia - she's already showing a good number of the donated items on her website (just follow the links) and they really are fantastic. Apart from having her usual super items for sale over there, she has some truly lovely giveaway printies of really old Christmas cards.
Talking of The Thame Fair.......Sandra is running a great workshop in conjunction with it - all the details are on the Fair website.......and our Town Crier has a posh new outfit!

And finally, as they say, I have now got a technical thingy back so I can play with photos again, and hope to get some up here again in a day or two, when 'it' and I are compatible!!