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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Friendly Plug or Two

We all meet - or know - special people. I'd like you to meet two friends of mine......

I've known Carole for twenty years...maybe more ......since our craft days, when she'd temporarily put her artist's pencils to one side to grow wonderful plants and herbs which she distilled into fabulous lotions, potions and candles etc. before 'green' and 'organic' were invented. Oh...and she ran marathons in her spare time ....... this was when we were fighting the government of the time to convince them that Miniatures were NOT toys, and should not be subject to the new regulations. Good job we all won.......

I'm delighted to hear that she's picked up her artist's tools again and has launched ORIGINAL ART. For a very reasonable rate she can turn that favourite photograph of a very special person (or pet) into a beautiful pencil portrait ready to frame.

With apologies, because my scanner is playing up and doesn't do it justice, but what a great drawing of Bono......however, my favourite is a sketch of sweet little pooch, next to me as I write this post.
For further details you can contact her - Carole Alison Foord Ollis - on
or phone her - 01249 816566

Jenny is another special friend............ for a good few years too. Along with her friend Cathy - both incredibly talented miniature artisans - she organizes the fantastic East Cornwall Dolls House and Miniatures Fair at Lostwithiel. We have been fortunate enough to have had a stand regularly and love it. Everyone loves it! It has an amazing reputation for a small/medium fair and attracts artisans from all over the U.K. alongside the talented makers of the south west, who often don't receive the acclaim they deserve, and draws visitors from all over Cornwall, Devon and beyond.
It's a very special fair which raises funds for The Doubletrees Special School - come if you can!!

The Fair is at Lostwithiel Community Centre (A390 Liskeard - Truro) on Sunday 23rd January
from 11.00 - 4.00 - Enquiries to Jenny 01726 815626 or Cathy 01726 882830

........10 days to Santa....are you ready???

p.s. Cornwall in January is SUPER!

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KT Miniatures said...

Your friend is very talented Robin.

Plus the Lostwithiel Fair has a brilliant reputation. I hope your friends do well at their fair and manage to raise lots for the very worthy cause.