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Friday, December 3, 2010

Best Wishes...and commiserations

Huge best wishes for anyone attending KDF this weekend - I hope you travel safely and have a great show. To those who are snow-bound and can't make it - buckets of sympathy.

Everyone works so hard to prepare for an event like KDF and the disappointment in having to cancel is immense........talking of an 'event'...what are the weather men on about.....we are apparently having a 'severe weather event'!! It's SNOW people!!!

Sandra Morris is one of those stuck in a deep drift, so with true grit she has transported her KDF stand to her website. If you hoped to see her in London - or just love her dolls dolls, pullalongs and other amazing miniatures, (or haven't seen them yet) whizz over to her blog and read all about it. There are fantastic new items, special offers, weekend only bargains and giveaways - phew busy, busy!

I just spotted Mary Williams' incredibly beautiful Edwardian lady dressed in an exquisite green and black silk creation, and envy the lady who finds her under the Christmas tree.

It's been a hectic week, and although we've had less snow than most, it's just as slippery, and the pavements just as hard as I found out to my cost yesterday. I have been doing my best to fulfill all Christmas orders and finish the promised Breast Cancer Campaign Raffle donation for The Thame Fair in February. You may remember the tiny 1/48th little girl I pictured a few blogs ago. She does now have a Mum and Grandad and I've handed them over to Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures who is coordinating the raffle. You can see them if you visit Celia - she's already showing a good number of the donated items on her website (just follow the links) and they really are fantastic. Apart from having her usual super items for sale over there, she has some truly lovely giveaway printies of really old Christmas cards.
Talking of The Thame Fair.......Sandra is running a great workshop in conjunction with it - all the details are on the Fair website.......and our Town Crier has a posh new outfit!

And finally, as they say, I have now got a technical thingy back so I can play with photos again, and hope to get some up here again in a day or two, when 'it' and I are compatible!!

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Sandra Morris said...

Awww..... thanks Robin.

With immaculate timing we are now having a flash thaw.
Knee deep in snow with freezing temperatures yesterday, torrential rain today.

If only this had happened yesterday.