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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another 1/48th Challenge.....and a fair on Monday!

Over the last week or so I had planned (hoped) to make about four 1/12th dolls, feather some more scruffy parrots, paint a pony, make a saddle and complete orders that would be collected at the fair at Thame on Monday.....

....well I feathered the parrots, completed the order for a little old 1/24th sailor and even made and feathered a couple of seagulls to go with him. I did paint the pony but he still needs a rider and the 1/12th dolls are still only heads and hands. You may see them anon, as they say....

Close-up of the 1/12th parrots

Then......... other half presented me with further 1/48th challenges from the depths of his shed (sorry - workshop). The tiny little trunk needed trimming with leather bindings and 'brass studs', and the unbelievable, folding deckchairs needed canvas seats - VERY fiddly - but I could hardly complain, could I?

A Victorian 'Whatnot' in 1/48th scale did stop me in my tracks though. Between us we have made and filled our Whatnots in 1/12th and 1/24th scales for years, and I enjoy making tiny teapots, and turning beads and odds and bits into ornaments and using real miniature shells and stones to decorate them - but this was something else! I admit I considered it an impossible undertaking - then over several hours it slowly turned into something special. Just for once I don't even mind if I don't sell it!

This is horribly long - so, thanks for looking - and thanks for the encouragement in following my blog.

Friday, August 20, 2010

1/24th Witch's Cottage and Dickensian Scene

Today a lovely lady called Jennie absolutely made my day! She sent me these photographs of two fabulous 1/24th projects she has created - The Witch's Cottage and York Street, a Dickensian Street Scene - which include four characters I made for her.

I think everyone will agree that here is one very talented lady and I'm thrilled to see my work in such stunning settings, and do thank her for allowing me to share the pictures with you all.Although I also had fun bashing and aging the witch's furniture and creating the hanging cauldron filled with gruesome goodies, I'm pretty sure that Mags Cassidy of Mags-nificent Miniatures is responsible for some of the great accessories in the street scene.

I happen to know that she has another project in mind.....I can't wait!

Friday, August 13, 2010

NEW - 1/48th characters and furniture

I've been messing about with 'prototype' 1/48th characters for some months now, mostly in response to some lovely collectors of my 1/24th little people, who have been seduced by the super 1/48th houses that are becoming more available. 1/24th scale is challenging but fun - whereas 1/48th is challenging - so I kept abandoning the idea.

I haven't reached the 'fun' bit yet but I am pleased to have finally created the first ones.

Apart from creating enough detail in both sculpture and costuming, I wanted them to be as poseable as the two larger scales characters I make. My hand was rather forced by my other half - the furniture-maker of the team - when he presented me with a chest of drawers, bureau, tallboy/wardrobe and bed in 1/48th scale!!
So after much huffing and puffing I have made them and they can sit up and down and wave their arms about!!

They measure just under 1 1/2" tall, and being so tiny are a little hard to 'stage' and photograph as well as I would like - so apologies for the blutak. Anyway I hope you'll be interested to see both the new little characters and the furniture. Both will be on sale from 30th August - first of all at our next fair. This is the Dolly's Daydreams Dollhouse Fair at Thame Leisure Centre, Thame, Oxon. on Bank Holiday Monday - 30th August.
Thanks for looking folks!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Girl Guides, Brownies, Cubs.....and deckchairs ! this post I shall try and get my text and pictures in the right place....bear with me, I'm new to this lark!

When I opened my copy of the September issue of The Dolls House Magazine this week I was chuffed to see my 1/24th Brownie and Guide used to illustrate the mini feature on the Girlguiding movement which is 100 years old this year...even more chuffed when orders for them followed. I now have to get my head down and work!

It seems a shame to leave out the Cubs, so my picture includes them too.

Feeling a little smug, I was returned to earth a bit sharpish when my husband came in from his workshop and presented me with a dozen 1/24th deckchairs that all needed their stripey 'canvas' attached.
I've done that, so earned a brownie point or two.

In the same issue of the mag., in the Georgian dining room feature, my chum Mags Cassidy of Mags-nificent Miniatures is showing her quite fabulous new Georgian dishes which she is launching at autumn Miniatura - her food is mini-mouthwatering, do take a look.
Julie Campbell, of Bella Belle Dolls, another lovely and talented friend, has her superb footman positioned to serve these dishes - not only that she's giving him away on the competition page!!


Monday, August 2, 2010

New 1/24th scale characters

With thanks to everyone who is encouraging me in is a little old lady, ready for her bed, a racing car driver and his pal from around 1917, all commissions that have now gone to their new 'homes'.

Following them.............Often a commission will lead to including a similar character in the list of regular ones that I make - the fisherman and gamekeeper are two of these, so they are heading for 'stock', together with the poacher. I do really enjoy making the accessories that 'add' something - so the pheasants, rabbits and sheepdog have real feathers or fur.