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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tiny Carved Wooden Village

I've always loved little wood carvings and am fascinated by the intricate detail and delicacy of the skilled artisans.
I have a small collection and have just added another, purchased for next to nothing at the latest car boot sale.

Now it has been brushed clean of an accumulation of dust you can see the tiny buildings carved into what appears to be a thick piece of bark - maybe cedar or some such.  I've absolutely no idea how old it is - and the wording cut into the back doesn't help me - but I don't think it was carved a day or two ago! Click on the pic. for a bigger version.

This is a really small piece, only 8" long and barely 2" high. If anyone in the miniature wood carving community can tell me more about it I'd love to know as I've never seen anything quite like it.

Thank you for looking

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Christel said...

This is a fabulous find! Wish I could help...All I know it, someone spent many long hours, with skilled hands creating this! I love it! xoxo Christel