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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Miniature Car Booting

I do so love trawling round a car boot fair, even if I don't find a treasure. Over the years I've picked up some lovely pieces, some super plants, books and pictures.....someones's junk is someone else's treasure!

A couple of weeks ago with the sun high in the sky over the field a friend and I went to see what we could find, and both came away very happy with our bargains - then we topped it all by calling in at the local antique fair for one or two more!!

Not a miniature,  but I spotted an unusual sand picture from The Isle of Wight - it's approx 7" x 5"   and I haven't seen one before.  The island is famous for its coloured sands and these have been used for many, many years in creating sand-filled glass ornaments for tourists.  When our 'children' were small (long time ago now) and we holidayed there we created our own small version in a glass jar.

Sorry about my large shadow...try and ignore it!
Close-up of detail.  The sand looks like pastel.
What I loved about this one is that according to the handwritten script on the back is that it was given to 'Mum' by her son in 1948.  I'm sure it was a much loved present and I hated to think of it unloved and languishing in old box.
It would be fair to say that not everyone else who has seen it likes it......Oh well - one man's junk etc...

A couple of small Toby jugs will look just right on one of my hanging type-setting frames I think.
I love little vintage tins -this one is Tiger Balm.

I couldn't resist this little carved wooden angel and splendid elephant who surprisingly still has his tusks. The tiny vintage wooden dog will get used along the way in a future project, and I expect my lovely china lady will move to the hanging boxes...... I wonder what she used to top?

The worn much loved vintage handpainted wooden plate, a present from my car-booting friend, will be included in the new project, when I get around to it.

Now for my favourite bargain - again very little money spent for what I think is an absolute treasure.

We, and the stallholder were baffled by this tiny decorated bentwood box, with a lid that did not appear to be removable.
Clearly of some age, I couldn't resist it and spent an afternoon researching.  Tiny pokerwork writing on the base indentified it as being made in Gothenburg (Sweden) but I couldn't decipher more.

Finally I THINK I have identified it as being possibly early 1900s and a copy of a traditional Scandinavian storage box used for seed grain or valuables - an ancient and traditional design.  I also found out how to open it, but it's so tiny and delicate I'm not going to risk that.
So if any of you can confirm that or tell me more I'd be very happy to hear from you.

And finally - purchased at an earlier  car boot, a lovely small Edwardian jug only around 7"" tall that will look lovely filled with summer flowers.

Thank you for looking


jenann said...

Oooh, lovely finds! That little sand picture is most unusual. Like you, I couldn't have left it languishing in a box. The other little treasures are all so sweet, perfect for one of your projects. Do you start with a find and build a project round it, or start with an idea and then hunt for items to use for it?

The car boot sales around here are less than dull - lots of broken 90s toys and ugly textiles - so not many miniature treasures to be seen, so it is wonderful to view your finds.

Robin said...

I'm not sure there is much logic to my miniature bargain hunting! The odd find has inspired me to new projects...but these really little ones will probably end up on a vintage style dresser which is only in my head at the moment. Lol
Not every car boot is this good - we have loads of the 'dull' too.
Take care Jenni