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Monday, June 5, 2017

Here Comes the Summer!

We've had more than a week of lovely weather with just enough rain to keep my garden watered. More of the same please!

So my miniature workbench, which these days is a space to play just for me, as distinct from 'working,' is an idle muddle while the weather is calling me to the garden. The end to frosts meant that we could relocate really BIG plants from the conservatory to the garden for the summer, so again we have space to sit on the sofa and chairs for early breakfast or a glass of wine and a big re-jig moving the orchids to the back wall means that they are happier and there are YARDS of extra space.
The big picture you can see was once part of a much loved dress - back in the day when The Beatles were Top of the Pops.
(Yes that does make me feel old....)

Out in the garden our mammoth efforts to prune, clear and tidy in the autumn and spring have paid dividends and even the weeds are feeling the fight-back!

Super dark-leaved elder with flowers like pink lace
Glorious peony
Rosa 'Blue Moon' - lives a long way from more traditional roses so the clours don't clash.
The old shed is resplendent now with a series of hanging pots
Dainty little collared doves have taken their young from the nest in the middle of the rose arch so when it's flowered we can prune (before it collapses the actual arch) but we're looking forward to a spectacular display very soon.
In the pond the tadpoles are growing little legs and skitter about very happily, and the wild patch is about to errupt in moon daisies and corncockle.  Happy days!

Thank you for looking


Ilona said...

Hi Robin! Your plants look beautifully and I'm sure that they enjoy the summery weather as much as we all do. Here, in The Netherlands we also have nice summery weather, but in my place it's much too dry, it didn't rained for about 2 months now, no good for nature. Thanks for sharing the pictures, my favorite flowers are peonies, so I love yours, it's big and beautiful. Unfortunately all of my peonies (in buds) have been destroyed by the frosts, it's such a pity, so I hope that next year will be better for my peonies...
Enjoy your outdoor life and garden, Robin :D!
Hugs, Ilona

jenann said...

Hi Robin
What a great post - very cheering us u as we virtually sail away on the lake that was our lawn only yesterday. Thank you!
Jenni xxx

Steinworks said...

you've done wonders with your garden, it looks lovely


Robin said...

Thanks to you all....yes Jenni.... and the rain it did rain here, and the wind it did blow, the very next day. So all the peonies have either lost their petals or are flat on the ground and the rose arch is now a tiny tunnel. Hey Ho!

Elizabeth S said...

Your garden looks Glorious, Robin! It is so rewarding when the garden bursts into bloom after all of the loving time and attention which you have bestowed upon it!
Your photos of the roses and the peonies make me smile because I love pink flowers! :D

Anuj Agarwal said...
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