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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pizza With a Christmas Topping

Well I finished the bits and pieces for our grandchildren's Christmas scene and was in need of a snowy background - which is where the pizza came in.
Over the years I've found the polystyrene packaging that  sits under supermarket pizzas to be absolutely invaluable for such a lot of crafty projects.  It makes great light packing for fragile parcels, useful for painting and gluing things on, and can be cut, scored and painted for any manner of elements.

Anyway I needed a snowy path for the sleigh to ride along and a hill in the background just to finish it off. It took moments to slice a piece of the polystyrene, and top it with expanded polythene packaging which has a slight 'glitter' about it in a certain light and bingo!  I glued the hill to navy blue cardboard and added a run of little houses which I've left for the children to colour in - and they can add stars or snowflakes, whatever takes their fancy, to the sky as well - we want it to be their scene.

Rudolf and his chum have been in a box for a couple of years waiting to take Father Christmas out, and it won't be too long before he gets on his way.  It's not exactly an expertly crafted sleigh but hopefully it'll carry him around the globe.

I promised a picture or two of 1/48th characters - individually sculpted and fully pose-able like their bigger friends.

Thank you for looking


The grandmommy said...

We dont get that with pizza here. It is such a great idea! I love your little people! And to think they are even posable is fantastic!

Elizabeth S said...

I think the line up of your Friars is sooooo cute! It reminds me of the music CD'S of Gregorian Chants which I like to listen to at this time of year. The chants are very soothing to listen to whilst your priests are Adorable to see!
Love the Santa sled and the backdrop too!!! :D

jenann said...

What fun Rudolph and his chum must be looing forward to. Two years in a box and now only 23 nights to the biggestevent of their lives!

Your scnery is great, Robin. I love seeing new ideas for using 'junk.'
But my favourite photo this time is those cheery little monks. Thy look so happy.

Robin said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed the photos - the little monks were among my favourite 1/48th characters and I think were destined for a monastery.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the children think of their Santa scene.
SO....are you all getting ready for Christmas?? First card arrived early!