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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Garden's Always There

When I'm stuck for inspiration, want a break from crafting or need a five minute breather I wander off up the garden - even if it's raining. Dare I say love for a garden does (just) pip creating miniatures. So at the moment it's a fight between the two!! Miniatures are winning this week.

Only a week away is the first of our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops at Bicester Avenue Garden Centre - now there's temptation to start with - and apart from the inevitable last minute panic which involves counting kits, materials and tools and printing off instructions, we're probably ready (fingers crossed) and definitely looking forward to The Little Vintage Toyshop.

In a moment of madness I counted bead wheels - it's remarkable how many vintage toys were pull or push alongs when you include toys prams, scooters and the like - hundreds!!!!
Taken in a hurry, so not a great picture - I should have been packing them up ready to go, but here's a taster.

In other news, my footballing grandson has scored 8 goals today in the boys tournament!! Well done - a chip off the old block!

This 1/24th scale vintage footballer, more Stanley Matthews that Beckham, would love a new home - please email me if you'd like details.  The number on his back is 9.

And terrific news that Felicity and Ron who do such a great job of running the famous Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair in February each year are taking on the mantle of Freda and George so that the biennial Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition will continue. Note for calendars - November 14th - if you live in the area.
There are always several super traders there as well, including Coombe Crafts and KT Miniatures amongst others. It's  lovely day.

Back to the garden - a wise lady always said that every walk in the garden should include pulling up weeds - even if it was only one. I try to do that and think of her.

By the way - a message to all the bloggers who post such fabulous pictures of their gardens - I may not always comment, but I do so enjoy them!!!

Thanks for looking


PILAR6373 said...

Preciosos juguetes!!! Y enhorabuena al gran futbolista!!!!

Ilona said...

Those toys are gorgeous, Robin, but I LOVE the football player, he is awesome :D! His expression is great and he looks proud, so I guess he has won the match?!
Enjoy your garden, just like I enjoy mine. It's so beautiful outside, isn't it??
Hugs, Ilona

Elizabeth S said...

Your little footballer has struck the perfect pose! You seem to have the gift of making your characters look like they could be someone we know. :D

Robin said...

The footballer was fun to make - and made a change from more traditional characters - although I love them too.