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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A 1980s Family In Their Own Home - and fabulous KDF!

The 1/16th scale family I mentioned in my last blog haven't wasted any time in settling in to their new home - and very cosy they look too!

These were a fun family to make - a change in scale and in style as they were created for a restored late 1970s - early 80s vintage house. A super collection of vintage furniture by different makers adds to the charm and means that like any home it's absolutely unique.

So here are the family just after I finished them - deliberately photographed on the workbench so as to indicate some idea of the 1/16th scale. (Workbench of course still somewhat chaotic).

And here they are again, feet up watching the television in the sitting room of their gorgeous new abode.  Many thanks to M. who very kindly sent me these lovely photographs and has allowed me to share them on my blog.

I had fabulous day at Kensington Dolls House Festival on Saturday....there just aren't enough superlatives in praise of the artists and artisans whose work, as always, is a privilege to see. I did make just a few purchases - exquisite and beautifully crafted so I am thrilled.  I'll take pictures and share them next time.
The list of those that really inspired me is a very long one and I also came back bursting with ideas and the determination to challenge myself further in my own work. So really all I need is lots and lots of money to indulge in collecting more fine work........and more time (and effort) to develop my own miniatures.

....and it's still raining!
Thank you for looking


Jane K said...

Your new little family look very cosy. :)

Ilona said...

Robin, your new family look so adorable and they are so lucky to have a cosy new home :)!
One of my wishes is ever to visit the KDF, just for seeing all those artisans, it must be overwhelming to be there and for seeing their craftsmanship.
Hugs, Ilona

Serenata said...

What a sweet little family and lovely to see them in their 'new' home as well.

I didn't got to the dolls house fair this year....lack of funds and time! The temptation would have been too great!

Robin said...

I'm pleased you enjoyed the family pictures - it was lovely of M. to let me share hers.

KDF was wonderful - I wish you could all go. It was an awful and long journey back to Oxford though as London was gridlocked - think we might stick to the May festival in future!