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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bluebell Woods, Tomato Plants and Gardeners!

If you Follow or dip in, you've probably got used to my somewhat random, rambling blogs..... this is another of those!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of these lovely tulips - they were broken off in the garden so we've had the silken beauties indoors, popped in a vintage Bovril jar.

Yesterday we took a nostalgic trip to bluebell woods at Badbury Hill just outside Faringdon in Oxfordshire.  The bluebells under the unfurling bright leaves of the beech trees were just magical!  I've been going since I was a child when it was permissable to pick the flowers - then we took our young sons who loved it too. It is now well-guarded by The National Trust and as the flowers are protected they have spread and spread and it's even more wonderful.

In the middle of the wood is a delightful cottage.  When I was a child it was small, dark and completely dwarfed by the surrounding trees - I imagined a witch lived there. I expect it was the gamekeeper or an estate worker - now it's been extended and is rather grander.  However, that's as good an excuse as any to picture a 1/24th gamekeeper who is looking for a home  - do contact me if you'd like to consider buying him.

On Saturday Celia Thomas and I will be happily knee deep in our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop 'Round the Back of the Old Gardener's Cottage' - so I thought a gardener was definitely needed! Here he is - 1/12th scale - surrounded by tomato, black, striped, pink! My photography spot in the conservatory has been taken over by tom-growing husband!

Hopefully some of the plants will be finding new homes shortly.

Thank you for looking

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