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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Holidays!

I'm still not sure we're getting a 'summer' in the U.K. again this year - but we've had a lovely few days in Norfolk, a county we've never visited before and had such a good time, even though the bones are still creaking a bit from all the walking and while the sun shone - the wind also blew! Finished off with a brief family visit - nice!

We visited the coastal area around Cromer and what a fascinating area it is, from the salt marches to the wild North Sea and big skies, taking in glorious landscapes and fascinating buildings. Promise ourselves we shall go back and explore some more........mind you the feet, knees and hips are still aching!!

We saw a number of wonderful windmills - more than I've ever seen before -  many working.

The tide crashing into the lifeboat slip at Mundesley
Loved the beach huts at Wells- Next -The Sea
We were fascinated by the beach cobbles used as main building materials in this area for walls, houses and even churches - readily available of course and also in 18th century circumvented the brick tax. I took this picture to show that the technique is still used, albeit in this case where an old wall is being updated with traditional building techniques still in use.

Then of course it's time to come home ...cats were pleased to see us.....

.....and the garden was blooming.

Best get the washing done and then get down to work!
Thank you for looking


Indy_Poppy said...

My Mum is visiting the UK at the moment and she also commented on the weather. She left Australia (which is now in Winter) thinking it would be warmer over there...

Susan said...

Your garden is a picture Robin! Love the holiday snaps, specially the beach huts.

Robin said...

We saw some Australian visitors in Norfolk - they were frozen!!! Such a pity it can be such a lovely time of year here Indy_Poppy.

Thanks Sus I loved the beach huts too - the stripey one had a nameboard - Dolly Mixtures!! Also really liked the rather dilapidated shabby ones.
Loved your tea-coy baby!!

Sandra Morris said...

Looks lovely Robin.... Sx

Robin said...

Thanks Sandra - looking forward to seeing all your home and garden 'makeover' pics!! Sounds like loads of work, but will be worth it.

chidimma said...

Nice blog!


Robin said...

Thank you Chidimma - hope you enjoy the next one too.