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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reminding Me Of 'The Borrowers'.......

Did you read The Borrowers by Mary Norton when you were younger -  the lovely adventures of a tiny 4inch tall family who lived in the walls and between the floors of an old house and 'borrowed' useful things from the 'human beans' who lived there?  I loved the stories and read them to my children.

Pod, Homily and Arrietty had to overcome all sorts of threats to survive - one being the family cat, who would have loved nothing better than to gobble them up!! I was reminded of the stories this morning when I sat down at my bench to get back to work on my 1/24th scale characters. It looked very much as I'd left it last night, although I couldn't find one of my favourite sculpting tools, actually just an old knitting needle.
Worse, was that a newly dressed gent had gone missing too.......right on cue, Sam our lovely black cat wandered up, dived under the bench to have another play with the knitting needle and harrass the unusual mouse in the red check shirt! No he's not very bright......fortunately the little gent is unharmed. Phew!

Talking of books - Larkrise to Candleford is another favourite - and this lovely Victorian print, shabby frame and all, reminds me of those villages, which actually aren't many miles from where I live. The picture hung on my Grandparents' wall, was relegated to their attic and retrieved decades later to hang on ours. For a few years it's been on another family wall and now, in need of a little TLC it has come home again....just need to find a spare bit of wall - not easy in our house...

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shaairah said...

I LOVED Norton's book, I used to pretend my dolls were borrowers AND it so happens I was just now sitting here planning a boorrower's den! Spooky! I have an old clock I'm planning to convert :)

Robin said...

Wow! Hey the den sounds lovely - you'll have such fun with it. It's been on my 'list' for day! would love to see a pic. when it's finished.

Paula said...

I love that picture of all your lovely dolls. Its almost enough to make me want to do a 1/24th scale house!!!

Robin said...

Thanks Paula - go on treat yourself, you'll soon be hooked!