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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Own Little Pond!

If you Follow or pop in, you may have seen an occasional mention of my teeny weeny garden pond during my 'gardening rambles' I have another!

As a miniature 'maker' rather than a 'collector' I don't buy or build dolls houses for myself, and only collect individual small miniature pieces that are either vintage/antique or artisan crafted pieces by makers I admire, which are displayed together in wall-hung cases.

A year ago at Market Town Miniatures our club here in Thame, we created Attic Rooms as a project over several weeks. To my surprise I loved doing it and look at it every day - the only thing of my own I'd kept. In 1/24th scale, I filled it with all sorts of bits and pieces that had a special meaning for me.

This year we were thrown the challenge of creating 1/12th scale realistic ponds!!!! That sounded interesting.
As I don't 'do' posh or tidy - attics and overgrown ponds are right up my street. As I've got a bad wrist at the moment and have no new dolls to show you......will I ever catch up?......I'll show you my pond.  I think it will have to live next to my attic!
If you click on the images - you'll see a bigger version
Sorry I cut the poor old kingfisher's head off!
I love the way the 'water' drips out of the jar of tadpoles
The Water Lilies and Marsh Mariglods were part of our 'kit'.
Huge thanks to Linda and Jill who masterminded and led the project and provided us with lumps of clay, scenic water and a whole variety of paper cut outs for some lovely plants.
Without the enthusiasm, effort and the precious time of generous members like them, clubs like ours wouldn't exist.
Thanks for looking.


Fabiola said...

It's a masterpiece!
Bye Faby

17-17 said...

Wow! I love this beautiful work!

KT Miniatures said...

It is so clever bunny you!!! My "pond" is still sitting on my workbench looking like a lump of clay...that is because it is still just a lump of clay. But now I am suitably inspired!!! Everytime I look at your pond, I see something else that I didn't see before. Utterly amazing! Celia

Susan said...

Oh, you've done a lovely natural job on your pond! Hope the wrist comes good soon, nothing worse for a miniaturist than hand damage.

Wyrna Christensen said...

Very naturally and beautifully made​​.

Robin said...

Thank you all very much indeed. I really did love making it - one day I'll maybe make another wild one. Celia - I shall be checking on that lump of clay!!

Dave Williams said...

The pond is amazing, another or your masterpieces Robin, well done.

Robin said...

Thanks Dave