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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to the Workbench.....Sculpting Again

It's probably as well that the rain has come and kept on...and on..and on. The workbench as well as the garden needs attention.

After a massive clear up - so that I could at least see my workspace and find my clay and tools - I'm back to scuplting 1/24th characters as I have quite a list to complete. In the meantime I thought I'd show you three very different pieces that have been made recently.

I quite often make 1/12th gardeners but I found a nice trowel at
a fair last year and used these lovely tulips which I've had for ages and were made by a maker (sorry, forgotten just who) in Cornwall. I added a little paint to the petals and muddied up the pot - makes a change from cauliflowers. And...I worked out how to make an oval on my 'puter at last!

I was ridiculously pleased to complete this little 1/24th scale feathered hen and her fluffy chicks scratching about in the grass. I shall add it to my exceedingly short repertoire of feathered and furry creatures - the real experts in this field have nothing to fear! They've now flown the U.K. to live in Europe in one of our 1/24th vegetable gardens.

The 1/24th rocking horse takes both of us to complete - I get to do the 'pretty bits' - as I don't have the first idea about constructing either the wooden horse or the rocking (it does) mechanism. I'm happy with a bit of sandpaper and paint brush, although it is slightly strange to be squirting a horse with hairspray!!

THIS little bird is a tiny Long-tailed Tit that spent the whole afternoon bobbing about in our silver birch just outside the window. Eventually I crept out with the camera and managed to catch a picture of the little thing, all fluffed up against the biting wind - it is so small, with a tail as long as the body. I thought I'd share the magic.

Thanks for looking.


Debie Lyons said...

I love that gardiner Robin and long tail tits usually fly in flocks this time of year, they are lovely birds.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxxx

Christine said...

I love your little hen and the tiny real life long tail Tit. what a perfect thing to move in out your window.

Congratulations on your oval too. :D

Mary Williams said...

Love it all Robin!

Robin said...

Thanks girls - the little bird is back again today, he's got a mate somewhere too and a couple of mates. I'd love to see a flock Debie.