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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Then Someone Brings You Flowers.....

Although I have been reading your blogs I've not posted for a's been a bit fraught lately.

When there are days that are difficult, sometimes just a smile from a lovely neighbour, a phone call from a friend or a bunch of flowers from a special friend, makes everything so much better.

Aren't these fabulous daffodils? A gift from a lovely friend; my other half immediately decided we must grow some next year.  Rushed to online plant sales and we reckon they might be 'Tahiti'. Made a note for the autumn ordering.

As things go - not too well this year - we have loads of planting space in our garden.....  The awful storms earlier in the year ripped off some huge tiles from the roof, smashing through a velux window in our dining room!! Horrors!  The next morning we found that our 150ft garden fence was mostly flat in our and a neighbour's garden.  To be fair it was pretty ancient and my other half and our lovely neighbour had been propping and patching for a few years. You can probably imagine the much smashed.  So many plants demolished by the fence and the big boots of the (wonderful) chaps who replaced it for us.  I have discovered though that hellebores in full flower can cope with an overnight move to the veg. path and back again a few weeks later...who'd have thought it?

This is Exochorda 'The Bride'  which escaped.

To compound our woes a very serious illness in the family has brought us pretty low. Then there was the horrific news of the war in Ukraine.  Keeping busy and distraction is the only way to go!! Let's face it we have a garden to bring back to life which we are determined to view as an 'opportunity', not a disaster!  And the bluebells have forced their was through the hard baked ground to cheer us up and bring hope.

I might not blog for a bit, but I do read yours, even if I don't comment.

Stay safe, and thank you for looking.


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

So sorry to hear the year has started so badly for you Robin. The whole world seems out of kilter. I hope your garden brings solace and joy as it returns to full beauty.

elizabeth s said...

I know exactly that feeling of being overwhelmed by what's happening all around you, and bad weather and the havoc it's wrecking has been our situation in Western Canada too!
Working on getting your garden restored to glory, is a great stress reliever and flowers from a friend who cares, helps to restore our faith in humanity and that GOD is good!