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Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas...something old, something new...

Am I ready??? Are you ready????

The tree is up - lovingly decorated by young family members in the 'more is more and then some more' tradition!!!!! I do hanker after silver simplicity ... but would rather have my young helpers.....

There are some bashed and elderly trinkets that make an appearance every year, because Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without them. The star was a gift from a special friend. My warmest Christmas wishes, with affection, to special friends.

I'm sure other doll maker friends are also asked which is their favourite commission - it's difficult to choose, but mine is usually the last one. Another day, another year it may be a different character, but for now this is my favourite! I hope you like him too.

The 1/12th scale REME Major in Regimental Mess uniform was a special commission and both a challenge and joy to make - he's also a timely reminder that many will be a long way from home and those they love this year.

May I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Lovely and Peaceful New Year and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings in 2011.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

These are a Few of My Favourite Things

Finishing last pre-Christmas orders...clearing up after some major redecoration....realising how soon Christmas is....more miniatures can wait until next year and I'll share a few of my favourite things instead....

Lots of pictures - so I've kept them small - click on the image if you'd like the bigger version. I hope you'll enjoy them.

Wonderful miniatures, of course, and too many talented artisans I admire to choose from, so I include this simple, tiny nativity scene, only 1 1/2 "x 1 1/2". I bought it many years ago; it cost very little and don't remember who made it, but it isn't just for Christmas and I see it every day.

....and pieces of glass from tiny sea-washed fragments collected from the beach to old domestic and artisan glass.

Birds and butterflies - I paint both and collect old butterfly brooches.

This beautiful old piece of embroidered silk panel and a doll I've had for years.....the book is Larkrise to Candleford.

Pots - I wish I could throw a pot! As all efforts failed I enjoy the work of skilled potters - both 'ancient' and modern. I love this one although I know nothing about it at all.

I could just list flowers and plants and fill a dozen blogs, but will limit myself to this 'arty' close up of Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) petals for their form and sheer intensity of colour. The plant's about 25 years old and was grown from a seed.

Beads - I LOVE beads. My Granny was a skilled bead-worker in 1920s and 30s and I've inherited lots of bits and pieces.Her beads were stored in cotton bags. Sadly I haven't inherited her skill.

Stone jars - I have far too many - these old ones are from my home town and a nearby village.

Scavenging interesting plant material from the garden all year long. I also love these glittery feather butterflies - they went up one Christmas and stayed !!

Sky......glorious skies.....even our very ordinary street is touched with magic!

...and this tiny china doll with a wobbly head given to me by my father.

Of course I could go on and on (as you know only too well) so I'll just thank you all for looking again and extend a very warm welcome to recent new Followers.